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How to transition your fragrance from winter to spring

Patti Kapla

It’s finally time to put away those heavy winter fragrances and freshen up this spring with a variety of light, flowery and charming scents. Here are some of my top picks for spring.

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Photo credit: Martin Barraud/OJO Images/Getty Images

LaCoste Touch of Spring

t Like the scent of blooming flowers after a refreshing rain shower, Touch of Spring is a women’s fragrance that evokes the joy and newness of springtime. Touch of Spring offers a bouquet of light, lush notes, including quince, water lily, sweet osmanthus and juicy peach.

Gucci Flora Eau Fraiche

t The bright citrus, creamy peony, delicate rose and blooming osmanthus top notes are anchored by sophisticated base notes of sandalwood and patchouli, giving this perfume a feminine, youthful appeal. Introduced in 2008, this women’s fragrance is sure to garner plenty of compliments and evoke dreams of springtime in the park.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

t Daisy Eau So Fresh has a complex-but-balanced construction that brings together florals with fruity elements. The scent combines top notes of grapefruit, pear and raspberry with middle notes of rose, jasmine and apple blossom in perfect balance.

Creed Spring Flower

t Spring Flower perfectly balances notes of jasmine and peach with apple, musk, melon, rose and ambergris. It’s a rich, flowery fragrance that works just as well for a day on the town as for an evening party with friends.

t And, with the longer days of spring ahead, here are a few tips to make your spring fragrance go from day to night.


  • Layering is the key to a long-lasting scent. Get the matching shower gel, lotion and spray for a guaranteed long-lasting scent. To have a little bit more fun with layering, take into consideration the fragrance notes in the scents you have. Wear whichever day scent you prefer and choose an evening perfume that carries forward a main note of the day fragrance.
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  • Carry a mini or a vial and spritz sparingly throughout the day. Especially for all those eau de toilette lovers, this concentration fades fastest, so be sure to carry the scent you love with you.

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