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4 Reasons to love your natural hair

Gabrielle Allen

Need a reason to love your natural hair? Here are four.


t As women, we always tend to view things in a “grass is greener on the other side” context, but when it comes to your hair that’s just not true. I always find that when women have straight hair, they want curly hair, when they have curly hair, they want straight hair. Well, whether you are curly or straight, here are four reasons you should love your natural hair.


Your hair is your hair

t No one else has your exact structure and that’s something to celebrate. You’re unique in your own right. Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone was the same?


We admire our differences

t Although we always say, “I wish I was this,” and “I wish I was that,” honestly that is a lie. Women compliment each other because somewhere, right now, there is a woman that can pull off a hair color that you can only dream about and that’s OK with us. Do we want to look like we all came from a Barbie factory?


Versatility is a gift, so use it

t Chemically processed hair cannot take a beating like your own natural hair. Yes, our ultimate aim is to have healthy hair, but honestly, if we can’t change it up, where is the fun in it? Our natural hair gives us the opportunity to color, cut, change, fry, air-dry, and lay to the side without (much) consequence. There are cases when you can have too much of a good thing.


Fullness, fullness, fullness

t Our hair tends to be much thicker when it’s natural. Chemicals will run it into the ground if we let it. So embrace that big coily curly mane of yours.

t What are some other reasons to love your hair? Tell me on Twitter and follow me on Instagram.

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