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6 Tips for better-looking makeup

In 2014 let’s all do our part to make this world a better place; put an end to disastrous makeup choices.

t So many celebs went for the pixie cut in 2013. From Miley Cyrus to Jennifer Lawrence to Beyonce (although she did “miraculously” go from short back long overnight. Gotta love a weave.) Dare we hope that some of the other celebs will clean up their makeup stylings in 2014? (I’m looking at you, Lady Gaga and Snooki.)

t Do you think you need a similar tune-up? Consider the following.


Foundation shouldn’t be obvious

t Try the new egg-shaped makeup sponges that help blend into every corner and crevice (Amazon, $13).


t Also, add a few drops of skin luminizer to your foundation to give your skin a dewy, youthful look, such as Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer (Sephora, $28).


t An added bonus is that the luminizer minimizes the look of any fine lines or uneven skin tones by reflecting light.


Stop wearing the same colors on your face

t (If you’re Lady Gaga, stop wearing every color on your face, all at once.) We tend to gravitate to the same color palette when we’re in a store (look in your closet if you don’t believe me; it’s the same in your makeup drawer, no doubt.) Arrange your makeup by color, look for gaps in the spectrum and go buy some of those hues to experiment with. Don’t be scared off by red lipstick. It makes your teeth look whiter and is a way to add a “wow factor.”


tHere’s a lipstick we love: Red Carpet by Bobbi Brown (, $25)


Are you avoiding eyeliner because you can’t draw a straight line?

tDid you also fail art in kindergarten because you couldn’t color between the lines? Try wearing blendable eyeliner instead of a liquid one that requires a steady hand. Apply and then gently smudge. It’s subtle and widens your eyes to make you appear more alert and youthful. It’s safer than Botox, anyway.


t Try this great Pur Minerals eyeliner from Kohl’s with attached smudger on the other end (, $17).


Stop sucking in your cheeks when you apply blush

t That’s so very ’80s or Jersey Shore. (Either way it’s a bad idea.) Applying blush just to the round apples of your cheeks may make you look like Bozo the clown instead of Cara the model. Brushing blush on too low below your cheekbones will probably make you appear jowly. (The worst!) Start on your cheek below the center of your eye and then sweep upward along your cheekbone. Choose your blush shade well. Too blue a tone will come across as a bruise, so stay with soft, sheer tones that just add a glow. Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush is terrific (, $44).


Don’t overdo the lip liner

t Not only does this look very 1990s Pam Anderson but it can accentuate any fine lines around your mouth. (As a rule of thumb, avoid doing almost everything Pam has done. She’s a sweet, lovely gal who has made some strange choices over the years.)


Take advantage of free makeovers at cosmetic counters

t Last month I wanted to get my hair highlighted and my stylist said “no, just go down the street to the cosmetics store and ask them how to make your face look brighter. You don’t need new hair color, you need new makeup.” Considering she lost money shooing me away, I took her seriously. (Over $500 on new make-up seriously.)

t With 2014 signaling the end of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, perhaps we could promise to also put an end to disastrous makeup choices. Not nearly as serious an aspiration, but we all have to do our part to make this world a better place.

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