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Avoiding layoff lethargy: 5 Tips to get you back in the swing

Nancy Singer

What you do after that pink slip arrives will help you get back on your feet.


t If you were one of the thousands of folks who were laid off in 2013, you may have been caught by surprise like I was. But there’s no use sitting with your head in your hands asking “why me?” While most of us don’t have any power over what happens to our positions when a company downsizes or reorganizes, we can control what we do after that pink slip arrives. Here are five tips to get you back up and running.

Make a list

t While you might think that you would have tons of free time on your hands, the reality is that finding a job is, in fact, a full-time job. Making a “to do” list is the best place to start. Need some items to get you started? Filing for unemployment, looking for an affordable insurance carrier, and removing a work email address or phone number from your child’s school emergency form should all be priorities. A checklist can come in handy, especially for the first couple of weeks.

Get out of bed at the same time each morning

t You’ve been getting out of bed at the same time for the last ten years! What’s wrong with a little break? As we all know, losing your employment is a very stressful experience. While it’s tempting to stay in bed, routine is an important factor in warding off depression. And when you do get up, make sure to get dressed, too. It’s easy to veg out in front of the TV in your pajamas, but this can become a habit that may keep you from re-entering the workforce.

Do at least one productive thing every day

t Complete and check off an item from your list. Update your resume. Spend two hours searching job-listing websites. Take an online class. It doesn’t have to be a big undertaking. A sense of accomplishment is important to your self-esteem, especially now.


t Even if you have to cancel the gym membership, you can still get up and get moving. Going for a walk can do wonders. You might also find an exercise DVD at the library, a fitness video online, or a class on TV. Exercise can really give you the energy boost you need.

Connect with others

t Social media is great for getting back in contact with old friends and colleagues. Let them know what happened and that you’re looking for a new job. You never know, they may have a connection to a job that’s perfect for you! Even more important, get out of the house, if you can, every day. Physically interacting with others can be just what the doctor ordered to get yourself back on track!

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