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Fabulous rings for Valentine’s Day gift giving

A ring is the perfect gift for the number one person in your life — you!

t Gift giving isn’t always about other people; sometimes the person who needs a gift the most is you! I try to make a habit of buying myself one special gift each year, usually a piece of jewelry. This year for Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to buy myself a new ring. It’s not the ring but it will be special nonetheless.

t Here are seven of my favorite jewelry designers and the rings I’m totally coveting at the moment.

TOMTOM Jewelry



t Triple Spur Ring ($242)


t Way of the Warrior Ring ($155)

t I really love mixing architectural pieces with others that are more delicate and romantic, so I pretty much love everything from TOMTOM. Designer Elena Howell is a trained architect and uses a lot of different digital cutting techniques to create some really unique pieces. I’m really into black stones at the moment, and she has quite a few black and gold combos.

Ariel Gordon


t Love Knot Ring ($75-$125)

t The original love knot! Ariel Gordon is one of my favorite designers because nearly everything she makes is geared toward girls like me who don’t change their jewelry every day. I love having staple pieces that I can wear for months at a time, day or night and they still feel special. Join her mailing list and receive 25 percent off your purchase!

Jennifer Meyer


t Diamond Bar ($450) & Diamond Circle ($500) Stacking Rings

t Definitely a bit of a splurge, but Jennifer Meyer pieces are delicate, timeless and great for everyday wear. I love that you can stack different shape and design rings from her collection to make something all your own. I prefer yellow gold, but her collections are all available in white and rose gold as well.

Alexis Bittar


t Labradorite & White Quartz Doublet Ring ($295)

t When I’m looking for a statement piece, Alexis Bittar is my go-to. Whether you like interesting stones or molded Lucite, everything he makes is curious and unique but still totally wearable.

Gorjana & Griffin


t Clara Ring ($95)


t Meh ring ($35)

t I only recently discovered Gorjana & Griffin, a husband and wife team designing accessories for men and women. I really love how they mix delicate, romantic pieces with more whimsical designs and larger statement pieces. And meh describes me just a little too well I may buy it just because! Their price points are very affordable and if you become a ggINSIDER, you get 15 percent off your first purchase.

Elizabeth & James


t Northern Star Cross Band Ring ($150)

t I’m not afraid to admit my love for all things Olsen twins, and Elizabeth & James is no exception. All of their jewelry is feminine with a great edge to it that’s almost masculine, but still delicate.The white topaz stones help keep this ring affordable.



t Diamond Triangle Ring ($338)

tWWAKE is another new brand I’ve come across recently that I’m loving for their delicate yet architectural designs. Plus, all their items are handmade from recycled metals! According to their website “the metal works are cast from hand-sculpted forms that preserve subtle details, such as the designer’s fingerprints.”

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