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7 Tips for shopping for your plus-size sidekick

As a curvy woman myself, I have come up with some simple tips that will make shopping for your plus-size friend or partner a whole lot easier. Give them a try!

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t When it comes to holiday shopping, there are lots of reasons why it can be stressful. You’re working within a budget, finding treasures loved ones will appreciate and making the rounds at parties galore — so adding shopping for a plus-size partner or friend can often lead to a retail disaster.

t As a curvy woman myself, and one who shops a lot, I have come up with some simple tips to cut the stress in half and, hopefully, make this your best gift-giving year yet.


Size matters

t No one likes getting an awesome gift that doesn’t fit, so when in doubt, do some snooping! This is the only time I will condone going behind someone’s back and sneaking a peek at one of her clothing items.

tPlus-size clothes are often sized in Juniors or Misses. Juniors run a bit smaller and can be found at places like Forever 21 and Wet Seal. Lane Bryant, Macy’s, Torrid and other stores’ clothes are considered Misses. These brands are often sized one of two ways, with a range of 0X-5X or 12, 14, 16, 18 etc. There is a simple conversion — a 2X is about an 18/20 — so keep that in mind as you shop.


Go big or go home

t To piggyback off No. 1, be safe rather than sorry and go a size up if you aren’t sure that something fits. I would much rather feel small and dainty in something someone bought me than depressed that I can’t squeeze my behind into it.


Be thoughtful

t If retail therapy isn’t your thing and you are more of a gift card person, show that you made an extra effort by getting her a gift card to a store that is just for her. Ashley Stewart, Avenue, Lane Bryant and Torrid are all dedicated plus-size stores. You can also buy a cyber gift certificate to one of the online “malls” like, or fabulous curvy-girl favorite


Make friends

t If you do go the traditional route of shopping at the mall, and if you see someone who’s your friend/partner’s size, ask her for help! Most women would be delighted to model something for you, so find someone with a similar build and make a new friend.


Be bold!

t Encourage your subject to try something new by buying her something that’s outside her usual box. While you want to try to get something you think she might wear, this is also a great opportunity to bolster her confidence toward wearing colors or prints! Sometimes, a gentle nudge in the right direction will leave people wearing something they might have never picked up and feeling fabulous.


Get sexy

t Victoria’s Secret may not have what you need for your lady, but there are lots of online stores where you can get your sexy on. Check out Hips & Curves or Frederick’s of Hollywood for great lingerie that will enhance her curves.


Make it about her

t Refrigerators, vacuums and new Vitamixes are all wonderful and make life easier, but they do not count as personal gifts. They are designed to better the household, so they are not what she really wants. Go the extra mile to make her feel special. Maybe she’d like a new hairdo or a massage — that’ll fit anyone! Take a moment to really think about making her feel special.

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