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6 Purr-fect gifts for your feline friend

Looking for a fabulous gift for your kitty this year? Check out these 6 products!

Hepper Pod Cat Bed


t Doesn’t this stylish pet sanctuary look cozy? A perfect place for snoozing, hiding or reigning supreme, the Hepper Pod Cat Bed features an interior cat-bed liner pad of Sherpa fleece and microfiber that is reversible and washable. The durable steel frame with powder-coated finish is sleek, and the top is removable if your cat likes more room to stretch. This cat bed is available in green, white and silver (Hepper, $110).



t Prepping your home for holiday parties but worried about the all-to-common cat-hair mess? Have no fear — SwiPets is here! This new, fitted cat hair–removal glove lets you swipe cat hair away from virtually any surface. Clean your furniture, clothing, pillows and more. It will even allow you to clean the hardest-to-reach areas like corners, cracks and crevices, where you know cat hair typically collects over time. Simply clump and toss the unwanted cat hair from the glove after each use. The gloves are machine-washable and available individually in either celery green or light blue, or you can buy them in a double pack that includes two white gloves. Gift this to your neat freak, your cat lover… or yourself (SwiPets, from $15).

Kitty Jones catnip kicking sticks


t Here’s a handmade item your catnip-crazed kitty will love! These Kitty Jones catnip kicking sticks are seriously irresistible and intoxicating. Each kicking stick is made from hand-printed, organic cotton canvas and filled with 70 percent premium catnip and 30 percent organic cotton fill. All of their fabrics are designed and printed in the Kitty Jones studio in Long Island City, New York, where they use water-based ink and do very small print runs. The modern patterns are perfect for any chic cat lover (Etsy, $16).

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain


t With its elegant shape and sleek stainless steel exterior, the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain will complement any home decor and encourage cats to drink more water (which is oh-so healthy). Its replaceable charcoal filter provides clean, pure and healthy water and is dishwasher-safe. The fountain is available in 60-ounce and 96-ounce sizes, the latter of which is best for multiple-cat households (Pioneer Pet, $90).

Sweet Pickles’ Designs bow ties


t These sweet holiday bow ties for cats by Sweet Pickles’ Designs are just too much. The bow ties will easily attach to your cat’s current or new collar, and each is custom-made and handcrafted in Portland, Oregon. With a large variety of designs and colors, your kitty will be looking dapper at any holiday party or festive event (Sweet Pickles’ Designs, $6).

Whisker City PetHoliday Satin Spun Hard Mice


t Let’s face it: Cats love mice! These festive, decorative mice by Whisker City have long string tails and shimmery bodies that stand out. Cats will be enticed and entertained by these little holiday bundles, which will look pretty cute around your house, too (PetSmart, $7).

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