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11 Hangover helpers: Before, during and after you drink

What you need to do before, during and after your holiday parties to look gorgeous and glowy, despite drinks, dancing and harsh winter weather.

t hangover helpers

t Holiday parties are on the horizon, and if there’s anything I’ve learned about (a) attending them and (b) being in the know about all the beauty shenanigans that ensue, it’s that no one is immune to the inevitable dehydration and morning-after beauty fails. I can’t guarantee you’ll wake up as fresh as a snow bunny, but here are my best tips for what you need to do before, during and after your holiday or New Year’s Eve bash. They’ll help you look gorgeous and glowy despite dehydrating drinks, all-night table dancing (not at the office party, please!) and harsh winter weather.

Before: “Setting” the scene

t11 Hangover helpers for before, during and after

t Tip: Before you leave, you may want to slather some cellulite cream under your jawline to give you a chiseled, sculpted chin — it’s a celebrity secret! It lasts for about three hours, so you may need to run home before your carriage… err, chin, reappears!
tTry: Bliss FatGirlSlim features QuSome — powerful, encapsulated caffeine molecules that smooth and firm double chins, at least temporarily (Sephora, $36).

tTip: Shower after you put your makeup on. The steam will set your makeup and hydrate your skin.
tTry: Wear a cute cap, of course! How about this Morning After Shower Cap from drybar (Sephora, $15).

tTip: Stay-on-forever lipstick? Jell-O is the answer. Follow with a hydrating gloss.
tTry: Good ol’-fashioned Jell-O packets (, $47 for a 24-pack).

During: Hydration from the inside out

tTip: Eat anti-inflammatory foods like salmon, water-rich fruits, veggies and nuts.
tTry: Yep, it’s a yawn-fest. Head to the fruit bowl, people. I can’t create miracles if you’re inhaling pie all night!

tTip: Drink your drink of choice — such as a sparkling cocktail like vodka seltzers — so you’ll be imbibing at least some water throughout the night. Beware, though: Too much water paired with booze will make your belly sloshy all night, which is not cute in a body-con dress. Hopefully, that visual will keep you in line!
tTry: Want to look fancy at the fiesta and look fresh faced in the a.m.? Get some seltzer in a martini glass. Add garnish.

tTip: The “shot” you should take before going to bed? Apple cider vinegar. It cures everything — promise!
tTry: Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (The Vitamin Shoppe, $6)

After: Mitigating the damage

t11 Hangover helpers for before, during and after

t Look fresh faced in the a.m.! Your typical beauty regimen is definitely unregimented today.

tTip: What is the telltale sign of a hangover? Bloodshot eyes! No one ever thinks of this, but you should spring for a new pair of contacts. (They also become dehydrated when you do!)

tTip: Opt for hydrating foundations that tighten as well!
tTry: Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer. It features Instalift at 3 percent, which lifts and visibly tightens the skin within one hour of application (Sephora, $55).

tTip: Cream makeup will get you glowing again!
tTry: Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint is loaded with good-for-you ingredients like vitamins E, C and A, so your skin gets nourished and protected while you get yourself back together (Macy’s, $24).

tTip: Ditch the shadows and opt for a clean, candlelit glow instead. Forget the hair-of-the-dog morning chaser and packing on the eye makeup. Use nude eyeliner for the bottom waterline instead of white — it’s less harsh and will take away redness from eyes. Opt for a blue-based mascara instead of harsh black to give your eyes a softer, brighter look. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes for a candlelit glow!
tTry: My favorites? Pixi Eye Bright Liner (, $12) or MAKEUP FOR EVER’s Aqua Eyes in Champagne (Sephora, $19), Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Effet Extension Mascara in blue (Sephora, $30), and MAKE UP FOR EVER Uplight Face Luminizer Gel (available in stores), which is enriched with pearls that catch and reflect light and contains more than 70 percent water for a fresh, lightweight texture.

tTip: No powders allowed! Spray your pressed powder on — and stay more hydrated throughout the day.
tTry: SKINDINAVIA Makeup Finishing Spray, not only helps your makeup stay put, but also gives your foundation a healthy, beautiful glow. It’s a celebrity makeup artist’s secret. You’re welcome. (SKINDINAVIA, from $29).

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