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9 Trendy gifts you can still buy on Christmas Eve

If you haven’t had time to shop yet, here are some of the trendiest gifts you can pick up in stores at the last minute!

t We get it — you’re working late because of the holiday hustle and bustle, and you haven’t had time to catch up on the latest style glossies for the biggest on-trend presents of the season. Don’t worry. Here’s a roundup of the trendiest gifts you can pick up in stores as late as Christmas Eve!

For the selfie-obsessed teen

t For the Selfie-obsessed teen

tThis clever iPhone add-on called the Selfie helps your #selfie-obsessed teen get the best shot possible. It boasts a shutter release that’s perfect for self-portraits and group shots alike, and best of all, it uploads directly onto the social media platform of your choice — Instagram included (Urban Outfitters, $20).

For the do-gooder with impeccable taste

t For the do-gooder with impeccable taste

t Look in the kitchen and closet of any charity-minded giftee and you’ll often find lovely woven baskets, tea towels and grocery totes. This year, Ann Taylor has created a limited-edition St. Jude Elephant Jewelry Collection — and 50 percent of the purchase price goes to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Ann Taylor, $40).

For the high-tech hostess

t For the high-tech hostess

t A serious revolution in home bartending, Perfect Drink’s smart scale and free accompanying app let you choose from hundreds of drink recipes, follow real-time pouring instructions and watch as a virtual glass fills on your smartphone or tablet. They tell you exactly when to stop — or how to fix an overpoured drink. The app contains hundreds of recipes, from classic concoctions to modern mixes, and it offers suggestions based on what’s in your host’s liquor cabinet, too (Brookstone, $70).

For the fitness buff who’s into the newest wellness trends

t For the fitness buff into the newest wellness trends

t Move over, beetroot ice cream and kale juice. What’s the newest foodie-and-fitness trend to hit Pinterest? It’s do-it-yourself Greek yogurt! All you need is some milk, some plain yogurt and the handy Dash Greek Yogurt Maker to creatively craft Greek yogurt without adding preservatives (Bloomingdale’s, $70).

For the stylish guy you’d never buy clothes for

tFor the stylish guy you'd never buy clothes for

t Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s car collection, Polo Red is the perfect gift for the trendy guy with drive. With powerful notes of red saffron, red grapefruit and red cedarwood, this spicy, woody fragrance captures speed, adrenaline and seduction. It’s the ultimate in trendy fragrance — the fiery-red, high-gloss bottle mimics the sleek curves of a fiery sports car — so you’ll definitely be driving in the fast lane with this stylish crowd pleaser (Macy’s, $144).

For the beauty gal who’s into the newest ingredient trends

t For the beauty gal into the newest ingredient trends

t It’s too easy to pick up a Christmas gift set — it’s an obvious giveaway that you’ve had to shop at the last minute. Stop it, already! Swing by the Body Shop and opt for the Festive Moringa Gift Set, featuring the newest “it” ingredient: moringa oil. Simply put, imagine combining the antiaging benefits of antioxidants with the anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel. This tree oil is a powerhouse that both rejuvenates and heals skin — but best of all, you’ll definitely fake having read those thick style glossies with this in-the-know present (The Body Shop, $24).

For the urban gardener

t For the urban gardener

t The next generation of gardening is here, and it’s brilliantly devised for the apartment dweller on your gift list. The Flower Power plant monitor knows the exact needs of your particular plant. It measures soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature and light intensity — and best of all, it alerts you via your phone or tablet to exactly what your plants need, right when they need it! Long live the basil (Brookstone, $60).

For the biggest dreamer or the entrepreneur in your life

t For the biggest dreamer, or the entrepreneur in your life

tRemee is a sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your lucid dreams — meaning dreams in which you know that you’re dreaming, while you’re dreaming! Using customizable light patterns that your dreaming mind can recognize, the Remee mask allows your brain to recognize and take control of your own dreams. And who knows — maybe it can help the serial entrepreneur in your life conceive of the next million-dollar idea (Sears, $95).

For the caffeine junkie

t For the caffeine junkie

t This is definitely the trendiest new way to rev up your morning or 4 o’clock slump! The single-serve Dolce Gusto Piccolo machine includes espresso technology featuring 15 bars of pressure — making it comparable to machines used professionally at coffee shops — and it has 17 different hot and cold gourmet beverage options (Fry’s Electronics, $100).

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