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7 Ways for moms to look and feel amazing

After continuously wearing our different mommy hats, we need to get some me time. But how? Well, here are seven things we can do to help us feel amazing!

t OK, mommies — I don’t know about you, but after continuously wearing my different “mommy hats,” I need to focus on taking some time out for myself. I know, it sounds crazy, right? Me time? When, where and how? But it is very necessary for your overall well-being. Your needs matter, too, and you cannot effectively nurture your children if you are not in a healthy and happy state.

t With that said, I want to share some random things that help me look and feel amazing!

Get a pedicure

tWoman getting pedicure

t There is just something about a pedicure. It puts you in a posture of relaxation and bliss. Bright colors usually help to boost your mood, as well. So schedule a pedicure today.


t Woman in excercise class

t Whether you walk, jump, skip or attend a Zumba class, exercise is key to giving you a healthy body and peace of mind. It clears up the stresses of the day, as well. So exercise, mommies!

Pop on a bold lip color

t Woman wearing bold lipstick

t Lipstick just brightens your face. It’s pretty, and the bold colors are lots of fun! So whether you’re playing around with some makeup looks or running a quick errand, don’t forget to apply your lipstick.

Give yourself a bedtime

t Woman sleeping

t Getting enough sleep is extremely beneficial to your health. It aids weight loss, helps your skin look better and makes you more alert. So when you are about to put the kiddies to bed — you get in, too.

Laugh out loud every day

t Woman laughing

t I know you’ve heard it before, but laughter is truly the best medicine. I had a conversation with a 103-year-old lady the other day. She told me her secret was that she laughed out loud every day! So get your laugh on, mommies!

Spruce up your fashion

t WOman looking at a dress

t It’s easy to get into a “blah” state regarding your fashion. Hey, we are mommies — but we can look hot, too! So break up with the “mommy jeans” and sweatpants and rock a cute outfit — maybe a tighter-fit pant or a cute dress. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to accessorize with confidence!

Eat clean

t Woman eating salad

t Instead of dieting, make healthy eating a lifestyle. Incorporate fresh produce, drink lots of water and just be mindful of what you put into your body. When you eat clean, your skin glows, you’re less likely to get sick, you maintain a healthy weight and you feel great! So juice some veggies and fruit or eat a salad for dinner. But always remember to eat clean.

t What are some things you do to make you look and feel amazing? Have you ever tried any of these?

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