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Tips for darkening blond brows and lashes

Adrienne Stephanie Vendetti

Natural redheads and even some blondes and brunettes have very light eyebrows and eyelashes. Some makeup can look too harsh against blond eyebrows, eyelashes and light skin — which is why it’s essential to know how to apply makeup the proper way.


tHere are the best makeup tips for blond eyelashes and eyebrows:



  1. Apply face primer, foundation and eyeliner before doing eyelashes.
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  3. Apply mascara from underneath the eyelashes and brush upward. If you feel like you can still see traces of blond eyelashes at the base, wiggle the application wand at the base of the lashes and then brush outward from underneath. That will cover up any blond eyelashes and make your lashes look longer and thicker.
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  5. Brush mascara on the other eye.



  1. Brush eyebrows upward, using an eyebrow brush comb. Optional: If eyebrows are too long, use eyebrow scissors to carefully trim eyebrow hair.
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  3. If you’re a redhead, choose an eyebrow powder that’s a shade lighter than your hair. If you’re a blonde or brunette, use brown-toned eyebrow shadow.
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  5. Dip your angled eyebrow brush into the powder, tapping off the excess.
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  7. Starting at the arch, fill in your brow from that point backward. With whatever is left from the brush, fill in the front of the brow.
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  9. Gently blend in with the eyebrow brush.
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  11. Repeat on the other eye.
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  13. Using a clear eyebrow gel, brush the eyebrows upward to lock in the eyebrow shape and color.

Watch this video for a more detailed tutorial!

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