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Women rock premature gray hair — and we love it

Now this is a movement we can get behind. More and more women in their 20s, 30s and 40s are going gray… and loving it. Let these inspiring women inspire you to ditch the endless salon trips and embrace your own gray strands.

“People stop me, on the street, to comment on my hair”

Heidi Lamar gray hair

Photo credit: Heidi Lamar

“I am in my 40s now but started going gray at 16. I didn’t have the courage to go gray then so I colored until I was 40. Quitting color cold turkey was not easy. It took a long time and involved a lot of hats and a pretty short haircut,” says Heidi Lamar, an Arizona spa owner who started the Go-Gray Program to help women ease into their gray hair.

“People stop me, on the street, to comment on my hair. My favorite is ‘You are so brave. I would love to do what you are doing but I am just too scared.’ That always makes me laugh. I’m not a freedom fighter, I just stopped coloring my hair!”

“We are all uniquely made”

Ty Alexander Gray Hair

Photo credit: Ty Alexander

“The best part about being gray and looking young for me is that I inspire so many women my age and older to embrace their natural hair color,” says Ty Alexander. The 37-year-old started going gray at 14 and has turned her look into a successful brand. “Through my blog, Gorgeous In Grey, I try to empower women through beauty but also to see that and that ultimately gives us power.”

“My trademark”

Monica Cost gray hair

Photo credit: Monica Cost

“I started graying at 21,” says writer Monica Cost, 43. “Why I kept it: Over time I became sick of dyeing it, especially when I started to wear it short. It was authentic to me, so I left it. It has since become my trademark and I love it!”

“I used to try and hide it… now I just embrace it”

Sarah Scott gray hair

Photo credit: Sarah Scott

“I started to get grey hairs as a teenager, but my hair really didn’t look gray until I was about 24,” says 27-year-old Boston resident Sarah Scott. “But now I love it because I get so many compliments on it! The gray makes me feel unique, which is nice, too. I often hear, ‘I wish mine would come in like that,’ but the biggest compliment of all was when an acquaintance of mine tried to get gray highlights at the salon.”

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