New haircuts to freshen your look

A fresh hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to inject new energy into your look without breaking the bank. It’s hard to be bored of your reflection when you’re sporting a brand new ‘do.

As usual, celebrities provide plenty of lust-worthy fashion and beauty ideas. The best part about hair-spiration is that anyone can get the look. Turn to these exciting and current hair trends to gain inspiration for your next cut or style.

Long curls

Lorde: Long curls

Photo credit: Sonia Recchia/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty images

Copying Lorde’s enviable curls is easy if you’re naturally curly. Just keep your hair long and ask your stylist to cut some well-placed layers. Even if you happen to have pin-straight hair you can still mimic the effect with a curling iron. If Lorde’s flowing locks don’t inspire you to grow out last summer’s pixie cut, nothing ever will.

Violet locks

Nicole Ritchie: Violet locks

Photo credit: Judy Eddy/

Not everyone wants to experiment with hair color, but if you’re adventurous, violet is the go-to for this summer. Take a cue from Nicole Richie and keep your overall style simple, letting the purple really stand out. Bangs and a slicked-back bun are surprisingly sleek for such a vibrant head of hair.

Short and choppy

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Short and choppy

Photo credit: Apega/

Enamored of short hair? Take the pixie to a whole new level with this super-short cut seen on Maggie Gyllenhaal. The waves at the front of her face soften what would be a severe look and give her a punky, Old Hollywood vibe. Successful movie career not included.

Blunt cut

Rose Byrne Blunt cut

Photo credit: Apega/

Medium-length hair is popular these days. One great way to modernize the look is with a blunt cut that is essentially all one length. This is especially effective on super-straight hair that doesn’t have a ton of natural interest. Take a page from Rose Byrne’s book and slick down the areas closest to the part for a more dramatic nighttime look.

Asymmetrical waves

Laura Vandervoot: Asymmetrical waves

Photo credit: Dominic Chan/

Asymmetrical cuts are in. Fake your own edgy style by pinning one side of your hair back and letting the rest tumble over the opposite shoulder. Of course you could actually shave part of your head, but that might be a little less glamorous than the look Laura Vandervoot is sporting here.

Bob with a bang

Coco Rocha: Bob with bangs

Photo credit: Alberto Reyes/

Coco Rocha almost always kills it when it comes to her hair. Her latest take on the bob involves perfect straight-across bangs. To create a retro appearance, style your hair so that it flares out by the ears and comes in again near the bottom. So cute.

Relaxed mermaid waves

Relaxed mermaid waves

Photo credit: Brian To/

This is a more polished version of the beachy waves everybody loves come summer. Think more Ariel from The Little Mermaid, less “bed head.” Mermaid waves work on just about anyone, unless you have ultra-curly hair, and they won’t necessarily require a new cut — some well-placed product will do just fine.

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