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Is your morning routine staying fresh all day?

We’ve all been there — you start your day with a gorgeous face full of vibrant makeup, but by lunchtime your eyeshadow has dulled, your foundation is melting and you feel like you need another shower. The good news? It’s totally possible to stay fresh all day.

All it takes is some preparation and planning. Pack your work (or school, or gym) bag with a few essentials and follow these tips for keeping your face and body feeling (and looking) 10 a.m. fresh straight on through quitting time.


Moisturizing Face

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The path to flawless makeup that lasts starts well before the first stroke of the eyeshadow brush. First things first: Wash your face. Choose a good cleanser — Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is fantastic and super easy on your skin — and clean thoroughly every single morning for best results (, $11).

If you have oily skin and are prone to greasing up faster than a hamburger wrapper, an anti-shine gel might be for you. Apply over makeup or directly onto the skin after washing. All skin types should apply a primer at the start of your beauty routine to help products last longer and appear more vibrant in color.

To avoid looking like a melting wax statue by mid-afternoon, toss a box of blotting papers or even a portable pack of tissues into your purse and pull them out whenever you need to de-shine. Gently press the paper or tissue to the parts of your face that sweat the most, such as your forehead/hairline, nose and upper chin, to banish shine without messing up your makeup.


Brushing hair

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Many of us shouldn’t be washing our hair every day, but how do we keep our locks looking and feeling clean when we haven’t shampooed in a while? You should still wet your hair regularly, even on the days when you skip product, to prevent dirt from building up. Beyond that, there are several things you can do to freshen up your hair game. Leave-in conditioner is a great way to cut down on frizz and oil post-shower. You can even DIY some at home. Apply it in the morning or whenever your hair needs a lift throughout the day.

If you dig a good scent, allow me to suggest hair mist, which is essentially just perfume for your coiffure. Lots of your fave perfume brands also carry hair mist, so if you have a signature fragrance you may want to see if they offer a bottle engineered specifically for your scalp. Great for those occasions when you step out of the office to make a phone call and walk right into some guy’s cloud of cigarette smoke.


Moisturizing body

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It’s not all about looking fresh. Sometimes, it’s about feeling (and, okay, smelling) fresh. We all grasp the basic concepts of hygiene, but no matter how clean you are, that newly scrubbed freshness doesn’t last all day without some maintenance.

This is especially true when you’re on your period. The right pantiliner can make a world of difference, so pack something reliable such as Carefree’s ACTI-Fresh Regular Unscented pads. They’re soft and thin, so you won’t be weighed down by extra bulk, plus they’re ultra absorbent and effectively control odor. Always keep a handful in your purse in case you need a freshness boost.

On a day-to-day basis, moisturizer is your best friend. Carry a travel-sized version of your favorite brand so you can give dry areas some TLC when you’re on the go. Perfume is another pick-me-up that you can easily stash in your bag — just choose a rollerball. Oil-based scents tend to last longer than alcohol-based, so keep that in mind when hunting for a fragrance with longevity.

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