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This goat is having a better day than you ever will

Brace yourself. Your life is about to be one-upped by a really happy, really bouncy goat.

Buttermilk Sky was only five weeks old when she shot to internet fame with this delightful, bouncing YouTube video. In the clip, she shows more joy in a single minute than we have at any point in our day.


After the video took off, Buttermilk’s career did too. The clip was featured on The Today Show where Al Roker himself had a chuckle at her enthusiasm. Her owners then parlayed this success into a huge online presence, which now includes a Buttermilk Sky Facebook page with over 12,000 likes. (Buttermilk posts in first person on this page, e.g., “I have been very neglectful of my Facebook friends,” and it’s really quite wonderful.)

Buttercup the goat

Photo credit: Kathryn Harnis via YouTube

As if this were not enough, Buttermilk has her own app, “Buttermilk – The Bouncing Baby Goat,” which you can download on iTunes.

You read that right.

She has an app.

She has 12.5 million YouTube views.

She has Al Roker in her pocket.

Basically, Buttermilk Sky has a better life than you ever will.

It’s OK to accept it. We have.

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