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Fab find: An accessory that could change how we wear shoes

Hickies are fashion-forward — but it’s not what you think. A few innovators created a way to turn those lace-ups into slip-ons in a few seconds and you could theoretically stop tying your sneakers forever with this groundbreaking accessory.

It never fails. In the middle of a run — or your Zumba class — you feel a shoe loosen around your foot. So, you have to stop and re-tie your shoe, breaking your concentration and workout flow. Annoying.


Technology to the rescue. Hickies just introduced a new patented lacing system that eliminates the need for traditional laces, and they can be used for fashion and fitness functions.


Hickies are a one-size-fits-all set of elastic straps that you insert in your shoes. Once connected, Hickies allows you to slip on your gym shoes, or any lace-up shoe, without the need for tying.

The straps are designed to fit snuggly on your feet — no chance of your shoes flying off mid-stride.


Hickies laces come in a variety of colors and styles, including styles that let you show off your patriotic side. Countries like the U.S., United Kingdom and Brazil are represented in Hickies National Packs.

The best part? The strap sets will only set you back $15. A small price to pay for a frustration-free workout, right?

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