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Cool outdoor showers you’ll wish you could rinse off in

Summer bliss at its finest involves walking off of the beach, showering off in your beautiful outdoor shower and heading to your lounge chair for another fruity cocktail. We’re lusting over these outdoor showers and living vicariously through those lucky beachgoers that get to use them.

Anyone who has ever walked off the beach covered in sand knows how essential an outdoor shower is. However, as much as we love the practical aspect, when it comes to these showers we’re in love with the design and ambiance they provide. Grab your best-smelling shampoo and let’s pretend our shower experiences are this amazing.

Bathroom with a view

Who wouldn’t want to get ready in a bathroom that looks like this? You may actually look forward to your alarm clock going off just so you can jump in your amazing shower.

A tropical experience

Outdoor shower by Oz Architects

Photo credit: Oz Architects

Who needs yoga when you have a shower like this? You’d feel like you were on vacation every single day. And stress? Forget about it.

DIY bucket shower

An outdoor shower doesn’t have to be filled with tropical plants to be amazing. It can be practical and still be a great addition to your home. Try making your own version with a bucket.

In the garden

If you already take long showers, you may not want to get into one like this. There’s a good chance you’ll never leave.

Bathing in nature

We’re hoping the trend of outdoor bathtubs and showers starts to catch on. In fact, we don’t even need one in the house if this is the trade-off.

Pure serenity

Outdoor bathroom at Amara Sanctuary Resort

Photo credit: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Not only can you take a shower outside but you can relax in the bath, too. What more could you want? We’ll take a bottle of sparkling wine and a plush robe.

Tree shower

Tree shower at Baan Habeebee Resort

Photo credit: Baan Habeebee Resort

Have an old tree stump sitting around? Why not turn it into an amazing outdoor shower? You’ll never feel more in tune with nature than when you are standing under a stream of water that is coming from a tree.

Ocean view

Ocean view outdoor shower in the Maldives

Photo credit: Vivanta by Taj Resort

What could possibly be better than getting out of the clear, blue sea onto your own private dock and rinsing off in your own outdoor shower? We’re pretty sure there is nothing better, and we’d be willing to live here.

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