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Pattern-mixing outfits you can wear to the creative office

Somewhere along the line in the evolution of fashion, someone decided that clashing prints weren’t cool. (We blame the matchy-matchy style of the ‘70s.) But those fashion experts were wrong — oh, so wrong — as we’ve learned from fashion icons like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and even old-school ladies like Madonna. If you want to look cool and creative you have to take risks, and these office outfits do just that.


Pattern mixing 3

Go nautical, even if your office is nowhere by the sea. This outfit gives a nod to sailing culture without venturing into the realm of costume. First, start with these adorable Ralph Lauren trousers (, $96) and pair it with a 3/4 sleeve black-and-white striped shirt (H&M, $17) Make it profesh with a neutral blazer (, $21), clever red patent flats (Nine West, $69) and a carry-all navy tote (, $53).

Fresh from the farm

Pattern mixing 4

If you want to look funky and fresh, this is your ensemble. Really, what’s fresher than grass green and pineapples? We kicked it up a notch with this too-cute pineapple crop top (, $25) and a kelly-green midi skirt (, $39). Pull it all together with a cobalt-blue blazer (, $49), funky geometric pumps (, $21) and a produce-picking tote (, $48).

Weekend waves

Pattern mixing 5

When casual Friday comes around, loose shirts and crops are your friends. This chevron print top (, $39) is just the ticket when paired with figure-flattering cropped trousers (, $98). Top the whole look off with orangey-brown saddle flats (, $35), a corresponding summer striped tote (, $50) and a peach statement necklace (, $20) and you’ll look almost as refreshing as the weekend that lies ahead.

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