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10 Clever ways to decorate your home with red, white and blue

We love getting in the patriotic spirit to celebrate the 4th of July, and we’re ready to show you how to stylishly decorate your space with Independence Day colors. Fashionable well beyond the holiday of fireworks, here are 10 clever ways to update your home with red, white and blue decor.

1. Go for hues of red and blue

Go for hues of red and blue

Photo credit: West Lake Sammamish Parkway by Lavallee Construction

If the traditional red, white and blue colors don’t fit your year-round style, choose hues that do. A softer blue on the wall and punches of different reds throughout the room give a lively contrast to white bedding and wall decor.

2. Create a red, white and blue oasis

Create a red, white and blue oasis

Photo credit: El Mirador Residence by Matthew Mckelligon Design

Red flowers and furniture, white lights and blue water cleverly turn your backyard into a patriotic oasis to celebrate the 4th of July and any other occasion.

3. Make the guest room blue

Make the guest room blue

Photo credit: Showcase of Homes by Witt Construction

Give guests a reason to smile and settle in by painting your guest room a soothing blue and decorating with whimsical red accents. The bright white ceiling and trim keep the room feeling clean and tidy.

4. Go bold with decor

Go bold with decor

Photo credit: Evans Residence by Gretchen Evans Design

Deck your patio out with oversize red letters, cushy seating and eye-catching blue accents to create a comfy space to enjoy summer holiday celebrations.

5. Create a colorful focal point

Create a colorful focal point

Photo credit: Passive House Retreat by ZeroEnergy Design

If your living room doesn’t have a focal point, simply paint a large wall a patriotic color. This red wall gets center-stage attention while white and blue shelving, and bright white walls and doors keep the American flag colors in style all year long.

6. Brighten up the kitchen

Brighten up the kitchen

Photo credit: Granger Ave by M Designs Architecture

Red, white and blue walls and cabinetry paired with stainless steel counters and appliances will make your kitchen the most patriotic room in the house.

7. Better than fireworks

Better than fireworks

Photo credit: Long and Associates Architects

Turn a bland room in your house into an enviable home theater and family entertainment space. Red accents, a blue skylight ceiling, a substantial big-screen television and ultracomfortable seating will make every day a celebratory affair.

8. Fun for the whole family

Fun for the whole family

Photo credit: Greenwich Project by Foley & Cox Interiors

Stay in the Independence Day spirit all year round by painting your living room a crisp, clean white, then boldly accenting it with red and blue furnishings that fit the whole family.

9. Let your book shelving do the decorating

Let your book shelving do the decorating

Photo credit: Home Office Remodel by Wentworth,  Inc.

White built-in shelving and blue-hued walls give you free rein to bring eye-catching red accents to your home office space.

10. Patriotic all the way

Patriotic all the way

Photo credit: Case Residence by Four Square Design Studio

Ideal for an older boy’s room or a guest room, rich blue walls and bedding, red furniture, white carpeting, lighting and cabinetry, and coordinating decor give this space a timeless patriotic feel.

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