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7 Products that every tall gal needs

Looking for a few products to make your over-5-foot-10-inch life a little easier or just more stylish?

Womans feet sticking out of bed
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Tall women may be the envy of most of us, but all that leg (and torso) length can be a problem at times. Here are a few hacks and products for taller gals.

1. Customize your cuts

taller butcher block counter

This company makes taller butcher-block counters, so even the tallest lady can stand at the counter and dice up veggies comfortably. (AWP Butcher Block, Prices upon inquiry)

2. Sit comfy

office chair for tall women

Is your office chair built for what seems like a troll? ERA Products makes special chairs for the tall professional woman. We’re talking about the comfort you need to make life in a cubicle manageable. And because the ladies are all about color coordinating, you can choose from a variety of hues. (ERA Products, Price not listed)

3. Shower safely

shower head extender pipe

Ever wonder why you have to crouch to wash and rinse your hair under the showerhead? Because it’s not high enough! Now you can purchase a showerhead extender pipe that makes it possible to shower like the shorties do. (Bed Bath and Beyond, $73)

4. Lie out long

Lafuma Futura Clipper XL Zero Gravity Recliner Chair with Mattress

Your feet won’t dangle off the end and your neck will be able to rest comfortably on the Lafuma Futura Clipper XL Zero Gravity Chair. It’s extra long, so even the tallest gal can enjoy catching some rays. (Wayfair, $210)

5. Say Namaste

Extra long yoga mat

Who says yoga class has to be uncomfortable? An extra-long yoga mat provides the space you need to enjoy any pose… all without your feet popping off the mat. This one is about as good as they get, with quality that will last through endless Sun salutations. (Manduka, $100)

6. Get straight

Extra long ironing board

Ironing can be a painful task when you have to hunch over. That’s why we love the Brabantia ironing board at Williams-Sonoma. It has four adjustable heights, and it even includes an iron holder. A mundane chore made simple. (Williams-Sonoma, $100)

7. Sleep well

Extra long mattress

Having a mattress that’s too short is no longer an excuse not to get a great night of sleep. The Kimpton Plus II bed is extra long to hold people up to 7-feet tall. Rest assured, it’s a comfy bed… and rest assured, you’ll fit on it just perfectly. (Kimpton Style, $1,695 to $1,895)

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