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Multifunctional accessories that understand us as people

We expect a lot from the items in our closets, and that’s why we’re in love with these multitasking accessories. From a ring that tells you when you have a text message to a purse that pours you a glass of vino, these outfit add-ons are pure genius.

1. A purse that pours your wine

Purse that pours your wine |

Sometimes you just have to be discreet when you’re pouring your favorite Pinot Gris. This handbag holds the bag from your favorite boxed wine, and dispenses it with ease. It’s the perfect accessory for outdoor movies this summer (Menu, $44).

2. A ring that tells you when you get a text

Ring that tells you when you get a text |

Yes, you can put your phone away without missing a thing thanks to this stunning cocktail ring that vibrates when you get a notification on your phone. Choose from four different vibration patterns so you know if you’ve gotten a text, email or if someone has retweeted you. Available in four colors, Ringly can be pre-ordered now at a discounted price (Ringly, $145-$180).

3. Flip-flops that open your beer

Flip flops that open your beer |

These look like normal leather flip-flops, right? Well, flip them over, and you’ll find a hidden bottle opener. Perfect for those camping trips, backyard barbecues and nights on the patio; we just recommend keeping a few cleaning wipes on hand to prevent anything from getting into your cold beverage. (Reef, $55)

4. A wallet that charges your phone

Wallet that charges your phone |

Why bother with a bulky charger or charging case, when you have to carry a wallet anyway. This sleek wristlet holds your phone and charges it when you’ve run out of juice. It’s currently available for pre-order in three colors. (Everpurse, $129)

5. A bracelet that shares your location

Bracelet that shares your location |

Perfect for emergency situations, this statement cuff bracelet shares your location with a select group of friends or family with the touch of a button. You can feel just a little bit more secure (and stylish) walking home at night. (Cuff, $49-$150)

6. A bra that holds your smartphone

Bra that holds your smartphone |

On your next girls’ night out, skip carrying a purse — they just get in the way anyway — and stash all your essentials in this sexy bra. The pockets are built into the side, not the cups, so your phone, credit cards and ID stay hidden away. They also make a sports bra version so you can stash your ID and keys while you’re out for a jog. (Joey Bra, $30)

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