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Weird superstitions about your home that will creep you out

Superstitious? These weird superstitions about home, sweet home might just be too creepy to read.

A bird flying in through an open window or door is an omen of death

Source: YouTube, @raised0ntheradi0

It’s difficult to say exactly where this came from, as it’s such a widespread belief, but birds have long been considered harbingers of the supernatural because of their ability to fly to strange new places. There are multiple variations on this one (like that it only applies to black birds), but some people do believe it. Lucille Ball was so convinced it was true, she wouldn’t stay in hotels that had pictures of birds and is reported to have ripped out brand-new wallpaper from her home when she discovered little birds she hadn’t previously noticed in the pattern.

A loaf of bread turned upside-down after cutting could be deadly

Source: YouTube, @Aussie Griller

Because bread is considered the source of life, turning it upside-down after it’s been cut (so that it’s facing hell) invites evil spirits. Some even believe it means the head of the household will fall ill or that someone will die.

If a hive of bees settles over your house, it will burn down

Source: YouTube, @JPthebeeman

There are loads of rumors about bees, but as best as we can tell this one comes from the ancient belief that bees were the messengers of the gods. It was once believed that if someone died, you had to inform the bees so they could deliver the message. Therefore, when people see bees settling over a house, it’s logical for them to worry.

Moving with a broom lets your negativity follow you

Source: YouTube, @FunnyDogsCompilation

Moving to a new home? Leave that old dirty broom behind. It’s said that the dirt trapped in the broom from your old house carries with it the negativity from your old home.

If a mirror falls by itself and breaks, someone in the house will die soon

Source: YouTube, @betchagonnalikethis

Before mirrors were as commonplace as they are now, reflective surfaces were thought to hold magical powers. People believed they could help you see your fate. So breaking a mirror is thought to be breaking your future. One falling by itself is an omen of death.

Dropping an umbrella on the floor foreshadows a murderous future

Source: YouTube, @EmilyLewis

Turns out, umbrellas are the source of many strange superstitions. If an unmarried woman drops one she’ll never marry, opening them indoors is bad luck, etc. In this version, if you drop one on the floor, there will be a murder in the house.

Seems kind of silly until you realize that old-fashioned Victorian umbrellas were giant, clunky contraptions that were actually quite dangerous. They had long metal spokes that were spring loaded to open, and they could and did cause some quite serious injuries. It’s not a wonder a few myths developed to make people take them seriously.

If a broken clock chimes, there will be a death in the family

Source: YouTube, @CarlosLozanoFernandez

In dream analysis, a stopped clock is thought to symbolize death. In fact, an ancient tradition is to stop the clock in the room at the time of someone’s death. So if a broken clock chimes, it’s thought to be a warning.

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