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These soccer-playin’ pups could probably win the World Cup

Everyone’s talking about the World Cup, but we think some talented athletes have gone unnoticed. Take a look at these awesome pups who could easily win the World Cup.

Dogs playing soccer

Photo credit: KIVILCIM PINAR/iStock/360/Getty Images

He’s aggressive on the field

This crazy dog can do anything, from bouncing the ball back to the person who threw it at him to tearing around the yard at impressive speeds while the ball never leaves the tip of his nose.

He can maneuver through the defense

Java uses his fancy paw work to keep the ball away from the other dogs who are trying to steal it and has impressive control of the ball.

He was born to be the goalie

Ike is full of energy as he plays ball with his owners. He manages to never let the ball get too far away from him and is a master at head-butting the ball back.

He’s the most valuable player, all around

This dog can keep the ball away from his opponent and run, all while carrying a bone in his mouth.

OK, who let him on the field?

This dog may not actually have a soccer ball, but his enthusiasm for just being on the field is just too cute to not include.

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