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Bold and stylish summer accessories

No need to purchase a million-dollar dress this summer when you’ve got bold and stylish accessories to amp up your wardrobe. Turn an ordinary outfit into something gorgeous and attention-grabbing with these few must-have staples.

A summer scarf with a pattern

A Summer Scarf With A Pattern |

Scarves are not just for winter. Well, maybe thick, chunky, knit scarves are, but put those in your storage box for now. Try a lightweight scarf with a pattern, like this one from Etsy ($15).

A summer scarf with a bright color

A Summer Scarf With A Bright Color |

Don’t fear if you’re not into patterns. You can always go with a bold, bright color. Try turquoise or other brights for a summery addition to whatever you’re wearing (Etsy, $5.50).

Bright nail polish

Bright Nail Polish |

You’re a strong, feisty, lady, so try something bright on those nails. Essie’s newest shades, Haute in The Heate and Ruffles And Feathers pretty much scream, “Summer 2014 is here.” Who knows — iced coffee may even float into your hands (Essie, $8.50).

Bright bags

Bright Bags |

Put away your classic black bag for now. If you insist on wearing a palette of neutrals, make your outfit have a little bit of summer color with a bright bag. Try a red or an orange bag, like this Givenchy red bag. Don’t worry, your black Longchamp tote will still be there in September (Bergdorf Goodman, $1090).

Head scarves

Head scarves |

You can easily become beach-ready (and a little bit retro) with a head scarf. You will get looks and stares because you look good. Don’t retreat into old-fashioned headband territory until you’ve tried one of these, like this gorgeous teal chiffon scarf available on Etsy ($5).

Canvas bags

Canvas Bags |

These casual bags are basically beach bags, but not for the beach (or for the beach, if you’re a lucky lady). These light bags are adorable and casual. A quirky canvas bag with a print logo — like this one with your favorite Breaking Bad characters — is especially fun for the summer. Throw this over your shoulder and suddenly everyone at the grocery store will be focusing on you and your bag instead of their kale (Etsy, $15).

Don’t want to wear Walt and Jess?? Don’t worry. There are so many styles of canvas bags, and they’re relatively cheap. You can likely find one (and rock one) that has whatever quote or image you desire. Take that, classic beach bags.

A woven tote bag

A Woven Tote Bag |

Another summer classic. This woven tote by POVERTY FLATS by rian is perfect for June through August (Nordstrom, $95).

Flowers in your hair

Flowers In Your Hair |

Spring made you want to don floral attire, but let out your feisty and feminine sides at the same time with a flower (or several) in your hair, like this floral head wrap from Urban Outfitters ($28).


Sunglasses |

What is summer without sunglasses? Nothing. Well, okay, maybe it’s something, but whatever that is, it’s indoors, and you don’t want that. Let’s be honest — everybody needs a pair of Ray Bans. You can’t go wrong with those classic shades (well, technically, you can go wrong if you accidentally drop them in the toilet or something) (Lenscrafters, $130).

Or why not try a pair with some color? This pair of sunglasses from Emporio Armani takes a traditional frame and gives it some additional pop (Lenscrafters, $190).

With sunglasses like the new chic styles and classic vintage standards available from Lenscrafters, you will definitely stand out at the beach, on the street and even at the grocery store (seriously, it always comes back to the grocery store).

Now head outside. That mojito on the beach is not going to drink itself.

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