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12 Ways to make over your home with a Sharpie

Sharpies have become a household name, but have you thought about using them to decorate your home? These wonderful markers are permanent on even the most hard-to-mark surfaces, which makes them perfect for decorating and crafting. If you think that Sharpie markers are just for labeling boxes, you’ll definitely want to check out these creative ways to give your home a makeover with them.

1. Black-and-white chevron mirror

Black and white chevron mirror

Make this gorgeous designer-inspired pattern mirror from just a plate charger, mirror tile and the help of a black Sharpie.

2. Leopard-print seat cover

Leopard print seat cover

Take a boring chair cover and give it a chic makeover by adding spots with a Sharpie marker.

3. Lamp shade with a message

Lamp shade with a message

Create a beautiful lamp shade cover with a special message. Hand write your favorite quotes or words of inspiration to create this whimsical lamp shade.

4. Sharpie dinnerware stenciling

Sharpie dinnerware stenciling

Remember the original Sharpie mug idea? You can also apply it to dinnerware. Use a stencil, or get creative and doodle a design to personalize your plates.

5. Sharpie zen stones

Sharpie zenstones

Bring out your inner doodler, and draw on rocks to create decorative pieces for around the home.

6. Moroccan-patterned carpet

Moroccan patterned carpet

Add some character to a plain rug by stenciling on a geometric pattern with a Sharpie.

7. Scripted pillowcases

Scripted pillow cases

Rest your head on a love note with these simple Sharpie scripted pillowcases.

8. Sharpie wallpaper

Sharpie wallpaper

Brighten white walls with a creative wallpaper design made with a Sharpie. This is a great inexpensive alternative to real wallpaper.

9. Antique door lock designs

Antique door lock designs

Add a little character to your doors with drawn on Alice in Wonderland-type doorknob plates.

10. Doodle lightbulbs

Doodle light bulbs

These graphic bulbs can be hung in your favorite light or displayed in a bowl for instant pop art.

11. Gold Sharpie table edging

Gold Sharpie table edging

Add a glamorous touch to any table by adding gold trim with a Sharpie.

12. DIY Sharpie storage boxes

 DIY Sharpie storage boxes

Paint your shoe boxes white and Sharpie them into chic vintage luggage storage boxes.

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