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20 Colorful office organizers under $20

Whether you’re in a cubicle or the corner office, or you work from home, it can be hard to be stuck at a desk all day. Luckily, adding a bit of color can make things more cheerful. We found 20 bright office accessories that will help you stay organized and brighten up your workspace.

Our top 20 picks

Here are our 20 picks to brighten up your office space and help you stay organized.

Teal geometric organizer

1. Keep notepads, mail and more sorted in style with this teal geometric organizer. It’s also available in white for those less colorfully inclined. (Urban Outfitters, $18)

Clever red organizers

2. These clever red organizers just look like washi tape, but they can hold so much more — everything from cords to pens to earbuds. (Perpetual Kid, $8)

Fabric box

3. Store regular file folders or hanging files in this fabric box. It stashes easily on a shelf, and looks great while keeping papers organized. (Poppin, $9)

Fabric-covered vertical files

4. Keep magazines in line with these beautiful fabric-covered vertical files. The best part is that they are actually made of heavy cardboard, so they are lightweight, but still sturdy. (The Container Store, $13)

Squishy pencil cup

5. This squishy pencil cup can also double as a stress ball for those extra-tense days at the office. Available in cobalt and royal purple. (Urban Outfitters, $12)


6. This organizer is a foolproof DIY project. The kit comes with pretty paper and clear instructions on how to make a desk set to hold all your odds and ends. (Kikkerland, $10)

Manilla folders

7. Neutrals are so last season. Swap out those manila folders with a colorful set like this in shades of blue (with a few white ones thrown in for good measure). We know all your office mates will be jealous. (Poppin, $15)

Stacking letter tray

8. Show your co-workers just how sunny your disposition is with this bright stacking letter tray. That is, if you need a physical inbox and not just the one on your smartphone. (The Container Store, $15)

Cherry gree pencil cup

9. Need a bright pop of color in cubicle land? This cheery green pencil cup will bring some much-needed color to an otherwise industrial desk. We know it’s not easy being green, so there are nine additional colors available. (Poppin, $6) 

Sleek metal pockets

10. These sleek metal pockets attach to your wall to store magazines, file folders and more. Plus, they are magnetic, so you can tack up reminders, phone messages and notes on them. (See Jane Work, $20)

Bicycle clips

11. Make those TPS reports stand out with these clever bicycle clips. They might not get you a raise, but they will at least make your boss smile. (The Container Store, $4)

Phone holder

12. Need to charge your phone but don’t have space on your desk? This clever little contraption uses your charger to hold your phone on a little shelf. It doesn’t get any easier. (Patina, $6)

File folders with messages

13. Not only are these five file folders colorful, they’ll also give you that much-needed midday chuckle. WTF now stands for “What’s this for?” So true. (Knock Knock, $9)

Sleek white folio

14. Don’t make sorting receipts, gas bills and bank statements a chore. This sleek white folio with just a pop of pink will brighten bill paying for good. (Poppin, $12)


15. If you still collect business cards, keep them organized in this adorable folio. Each page holds three cards. (See Jane Work, $14)

Flexible rubber organizer

16. This flexible rubber organizer keeps business cards and notes organized on your desk and folds flat when it’s not in use. (Perpetual Kid, $18)

Binder clips

17. Sort papers and organize reports with these colorful binder clips. Just be sure that your co-workers don’t walk off with them. (The Container Store, $7)


18. Whether on your bookshelf, desk or even in a drawer, a lidded box always comes in handy. This one is perfect for storing extra office supplies, or your toothbrush and toothpaste for some post-lunch dental hygiene. (The Container Store, $15)

Dart-inspired pushpins

19. Hit the bull’s-eye with these dart-inspired pushpins. We just wouldn’t recommend actually playing darts with them. You know, office safety and all. (CB2, $5)

Criss-cross lucite business card holder

20. We couldn’t resist including a little pop of neon. This crisscross Lucite business card holder is perfectly on trend and will make your cards really stand out on your desk. (MoMA Store, $15)


Have a little more to spend? Here are a few favorites that we just couldn’t pass up.

Pencil holder

21. Pens, pencils, even extra lip glosses stay organized in your desk drawer with this sleek leather pouch. Now, to choose between orange and blue… (Anthropologie, $34)

Standing organizer

22. Brighten up your workspace with photos of friends and family members or your favorite postcards in this handy organizer. (Urban Outfitters, $34)

Classic organizer

23. This bright red version of the classic organizer will definitely make a statement on your desktop. Your files will never have a better home. (Anthropologie, $58)

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