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Sunshiny reasons to be glad it’s summer, according to science

Subjective opinions are in, and it turns out that summer completely rocks. But why? Here are seven scientific reasons why summer is seriously — and objectively — the best time of year.

Summer leads to sexy time

If you live in a reasonable summer climate, that is. While people in sweltering climates report decreased sexual activity in the heat of the summer (“ugh, get off me”), people who live in mild summer climates experience a noticeable boost in sexy time during the summer months. The Oxford Journal’s measure? Northern climates experience peak birth rates in spring, which signals increased summer sexual activity nine months before.

A vacation can boost your mental health

According to research published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, women who take vacations — and, hello, summer is definitely the time to do it — are more likely to report happy marriages and less likely to report stress, exhaustion and burnout than other women. If your husband asks why you’re vaycaying with the girlfriends again, you can legitimately tell him, “It’s for the health of our marriage, sweetheart.” Science.

Summer boosts your health and immune system

OK, it’s not actually summer that’s doing the boosting. As you spend more time outdoors during the summer months, your body produces increased levels of vitamin D, which is a vital chemical for health and immune function. The Harvard Health Journal, in fact, is clear that increased vitamin D levels are linked to a decrease in osteoporosis, cancer and even depression.

It’s easier to stargaze

Summer is the best time of year to look up at the sky and dream, because it’s the time that the stars come out to play. Not only are you likely to see the world’s most famous meteor showers, like the brilliant Perseids and Delta Aquarids, you’re also far more likely to be outside to actually watch them than you were for winter’s shooting stars. Did someone say date night on a dime?

Summer makes your skin glow

Love your healthy summer glow, girl, because it’s doing your skin some huge favors. Although perspiring is undesirable at work or on a date, recent research suggests that the production of sweat is linked to rapid wound healing. In other words, sweating can clear up your skin. The trick, however, is to regularly wash your skin so that the sweat doesn’t end up clogging your pores and making the whole situation much worse.

You’re more pleasant in the sunshine

Not only that, it makes other people more tolerable, too. A study published by the American Psychological Association asserts that the beautiful weather of summer can influence moods so drastically that individuals across society become more pleasant, agreeable and optimistic than at other times of the year.

Summer correlates with circulatory well-being

That’s the nicest euphemism we could come up with, anyway, since summer is actually correlated with not dying. Yes, ladies, you read that correctly: Death by heart attack, stroke and heart failure drops dramatically during the summer months. A study published in Oxford Journals found that humans cut their risk of circulatory death by 26 to 36 percent during the summer months, compared with the heart — no pun intended — of winter.

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