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7 Cool bunk beds even adults will love

Here’s the deal — bunk beds aren’t just for children. In fact, leaving such fun, amazing pieces of furniture to the little ones is only hurting yourself. Adult bunk beds are a thing, and you should get on the train already.

1. The modern masterpiece

The modern masterpiece

Photo credit: Inquisitive Kid

A simple bed for the Frank Lloyd Wright lover, this fabulous piece of furniture is just asking to be personalized. It’s perfect for the adult who needs to save space, but still has a strong sense of style. (Inquisitive Kid, $4,400)

2. The bed of the future

The bed of the future

Photo credit: The Bean Bag Store

This full-on-full bunk bed with built-in ladders feels a whole lot like something you might see on an episode of Star Trek. In fact, maybe it was on an episode of Star Trek? Did they sleep in bunk beds in the future? How quickly can we get this bed in our future? (The Bean Bag Store, $985)

3. The loft bed

The loft bed

Photo credit:

This is a stunning full-size loft bed for the adult who needs to multitask and appreciates beautiful things. (, $1,811)

4. The built-in desk

Photo credit: Casa Kids

A workstation, potential bunk bed and space saver, this desk plus loft bed does it all. Also, check out at all that storage space. Always more storage space. (Casa Kids, $3,100)

5. The sleek look

Photo credit: RAFA Kids

We have so many superlatives for this stylish bed right here. It’s modern looking and clean and simple and chic and the greatest thing in the entire world. We’ll settle on that last superlative. (RAFA Kids, $2,578)

6. The conservative choice

The conservative choice

Photo credit: AFA Stores

This one’s for the adult who just wants a bunk bed and doesn’t actually want to proclaim to the world, “Hey, look at my wild new piece of furniture!” We respect your decision and we respect this beautiful wood piece you’re adding to your classy collection. (AFA Stores, $1,260)

7. The double act

Photo credit: IOKids Design

This beautiful bunk bed is actually two beds that can be taken apart. This means you can sleep side by side or in a bunk bed, whatever mood might strike you that day. Maybe you switch it up several times a week. Maybe you don’t. All we know is you have the option, and that’s incredibly cool. (IOKids Design, contact for pricing)

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