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10 Tiny condos jam-packed with style

These teeny, chic condos prove that bigger isn’t always better.

1. The loft

The loft

Photo credit: Specht Harpman Architects

Oh my loft bed. In a stroke of design genius, this 425-square-foot Manhattan space feels both roomy and functional. Every spare angle is maximized for storage and utility, and we just can’t get over that dreamy staircase.

2. The natural beauty

The natural beauty

Photo credit: JPDA

A studio apartment with character, this no-frills space by JPDA is all natural wood and light, letting the owner add accents, plants and cushy loft blankets at will.

3. The sleek look

The sleek look

Photo credit: Beriot, Bernardini

Tight space? No problem. This micro apartment embraces its height and uses it to create style and character. A loft bed and stairs are added, leaving the downstairs for practical use (and that great orange accent).

4. The ultramodern

The ultra-modern

Photo credit: Nicholas Gurney

This super-modern apartment is deceivingly simple. When everything is put away, it’s just one clean area, and then boom, open it up and there’s a pop of red and yellow and, oh yeah, a bed.

5. The fun house

The fun house

Photo credit: Alan Chu

A mere 380 square feet never felt so fun! In this playful apartment, designer Alan Chu uses natural wood and a perfectly placed spiral staircase to turn this space into a (miniature) stunner.

6. The intelligent

The intelligent

Photo credit: Tim Seggerman

When we hear 240 square feet we think, “Better give away everything we own and hope our toothbrush fits in.” When Tim Seggerman heard 240 square feet he thought, “Not only can I make this into a beautiful wood cabinet structure with a loft, but I’ll throw in a library for good measure.”

7. The au naturel

The au naturel

Photo credit: 3XA

This 312-square-foot abode in Poland is remarkable not only for that peek of black-and-white checkered tile (oh my!), but also for its use of natural materials. Check out that plywood loft.

8. The storage unit

The storage unit

Photo credit: h2o Architectes

Can you say storage? This 60-square-meter home in Paris uses movable walls to create an open feel in the small space. These walls also provide a whole lot of storage, and with that, a whole lot of funky design options. Charmant.

9. The experiment

The experiment

Photo credit: Betillon/Dorval-Bory

This 215-square-foot apartment was created to explore the possibilities of brightening a space with a lack of natural light. The result is so vibrant and chic we have to say their study was a success. Also, that wasn’t a typo. This home really is 215 square feet.

10. The simple

The simple

Photo credit: Beriot, Bernardini

Once upon a time this 300-square-foot space was simply an office. A few bits of architectural genius and a fairy godmother later, we have this beautiful white home full of storage and clean spaces. Magic.

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