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10 Things you must have if you’re seriously in love with your pet

We all love our pets, but sometimes that love borders on obsession. How can you tell? The pet-obsessive will have at least one of the items below. And if you have them all? Well, that’s a clear sign that you’re obsessed beyond repair. But hey, there are worse things than being seriously in love with your pet.

1. Doggy holder

Legs out Front Carrier

We’ve all heard of baby wearing, but what about doggy wearing? It’s what you do when walking your dog or toting it in a bag next to you just isn’t good enough. Wearing your pet in a Legs Out Front Carrier is as close as your pup can get to your heart, and for dog-obsessed parents, that’s the best place for it to be. (My Outward Hound, $17 and up)

2. Custom oil paintings

Custom oil painting

Shelling out $1,500 for custom oil paintings of your pet means you have a ton of money to throw around, and/or you’re seriously in love with your pet — and there’s no shame in either. Etsy seller LeahDaviesArt will create a series of four 5×5-inch paintings of your furry child that will capture it at its finest. (Etsy, $1,500)

3. Barkin’ hot bikini

Barkin' hot bikini

Every doggy-obsessed owner knows how important it is to dress for the occasion, and you can’t let your pup head to the beach naked. Match your pup’s swimsuit to yours with this Petco Pup Crew Red Hibiscus Dog Bikini that says your pup’s style is just as important as your own. (Petco, $15) 

4. Key-chain love

Keychain love

We all have at least one set of keys on us at all times, so make sure you honor your pet every time you lock your door with a custom key chain from Etsy seller tagsoup. With a variety of breeds available, this custom-stamped stainless-steel tag will make any pet lover swoon. (, $18)

5. Bedding fit for royalty

Bedding fit for a princess

Forget a boring old dog-crate mat, and deck your dog’s digs out in style with Pet Dreams Personalized Plush Cratewear Dog Bedding Set that comes in three lovely pastel colors. No pampered pet would say no to a comfy crate, and best part is it’ll sleep like a baby — guaranteed. (PetSmart, $67)

6. Mother of pearl photo necklace

Mother of pearl photo necklace

Nothin’ says love like custom jewelry. Show off your pet to the world with this mother of pearl photo necklace. Available in four shapes and unique in shimmer and texture, your pet will feel like a star, seeing that it’s front and center around your neck. (chief furry officer, $33)

7. Custom cuff links

Custom cuff links

Treat your wrists to these sterling-silver photo cuff links that take personalized pet accessories to a whole new luxurious level. They’re permanently imprinted by laser, scratch resistant, durable and will absolutely be a conversation starter at your next business meeting. Because who wouldn’t want to hear all about your kitty or pup? (chief furry officer, $295)

8. Videophone on steroids

Videophone on steroids

Never be more than a few clicks away from your pet with PetChatz, a videophone that allows pet owners to interact with their furry friends from anywhere. PetChatz goes way beyond just seeing, talking, hearing and making videos — you can actually give your pet a treat and provide a comforting scent from your smartphone or computer. That’s definitely ranking high on a scale of 1 to OMG I’m obsessed. (PetChatz, available for pre-order now, $349)

9. Doggy decor

Doggie decor

If you’re obsessed with your pet, your home decor should reflect that, so why not grab a pair of these throw-pillow covers with your dog’s silhouette and name? They’ll add some Fido flair to your couch and let all your guests know that you love your pet more than, well, everything else in the world. (RedEnvelope, $49 each)

10. Designer collar

Designer collar

Spoiled doesn’t even begin to describe pets that have the Bottega Veneta leather collar. Regularly priced at $600 and made in Italy, this is reserved for the dog that demands the very best. And really, spoiled just means your dog is seriously loved, and if you have the cash, why the heck not? (Barneys, on sale for $359)

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