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Pope Francis insults man’s best friend with bold statement

In a recent speech made to married couples, Pope Francis reminded them of the importance of having children. That’s all fine and dandy; however, he crossed the line when he implied that the time, money and love invested in pets instead of children would only lead to “old age in solitude, with the bitterness of loneliness.” In reaction, we imagine pets everywhere put their paws down, demanding that he say it to their adorable, heart-stealing faces.

Pets respond to Pope Francis saying they're not children

Photo credit: Franco Origlia/Getty Images News/Getty Images, Open/Getty Images

I’m sorry, what did you say? I couldn’t hear you.

Let me curl up on your lap so I can hear you better.

Speak up, just a little louder.

I must have heard you incorrectly. If not, I’m shocked.

How could you say such a thing? Dagnabit.

Maybe I could change your mind… yeah?

You couldn’t possibly mean that.

Just tell me, how am I not the purrfect child? Hm?

I really think you’re mistaken. Mm hm, I do.

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