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How decorating with red and purple can boost your prosperity

Want to focus on marriage, career, friendship? Bagua’s got you covered. The bagua is a color chart with nine boxes. Each box represents a life situation that can be correlated with a specific part of your home or office. The theory is uberfascinating: By using the bagua color chart to divide your space, you can improve your quality of life by improving your environment. According to bagua, to feng shui your prosperity, it’s all in the purples (and the reds).

Feng shui bagua

Bagua (pronounced ba-gwa) is a feng shui energy map that shows which areas of your home or office are connected to specific areas of your life. The far left corner of your home or room is the prosperity section, and if that’s an area you’d like to boost, bagua experts say you can — simply and thoughtfully.

Amanda Gates is the founder of Gates Interior Design, a company she created on the principles of creating healing spaces through the art of feng shui. Gates says, “My goal is to help people achieve more balance and more harmony to make their house a home. When your environment is in harmony, so are you, helping you attract more of the coveted three blessings of health, wealth and happiness.”

Prosperity, please

Feng shui is practical advice on how to plan and arrange your home to gain better well-being. Gates explains the prosperity gua of the bagua map. She says, “The wealth and prosperity gua is meant for expendable cash, not necessity cash. This is the money that’s considered the ‘extras’ in life… Enhance this area if you want to generate more cash flow, raise money for a special purpose like vacation, attract money for a specific item like a new car payment or advance your savings account.”

Gates shares that there are many ways to focus on this area, such as adding items to the space that depict what you want. Moving water, for example, represents cash flow, so a fountain would be a great addition, as would wind chimes or flags, because they call in good energy. Paintings or art that represents your desired possessions (like that new car) and crystals and healthy plants with new leaves are all decorating elements to purposefully use in this gua.

Color me wealthy

Another fun and interesting way to call in prosperity is to decorate with items in purples and reds. Gates explains, “Purple is the best color for the prosperity corner. A great tool that is both healing and attracts wealth is an amethyst stone. It helps keep negative energy away and boosts positive cash flow. In feng shui, purple is considered the most auspicious color to have in the wealth corner, so fire up that purple lava lamp, paint the walls lavender and throw in some purple accents… you’ll be amazed at the results!”

Not to be ignored in this gua is the color red. Gates says, “Red is also a highly auspicious color in feng shui. It’s a color that can be used throughout the house to boost any energy but it adds excitement and power to the wealth corner. Many people consider red a strong, powerful, energetic color and where thought goes… the money follows!”

We love the concept of putting so much thought and care into the do’s and don’ts of your home decor. Gates says, “Never have clutter in this area. It clogs your cash flow preventing those extras from coming in. Avoid non-operating things in this area or dead plants; they represent death to your finances and will actually cause debt.”

She also explains that while the prosperity gua is a perfect place to focus in on these tips, you can also boost the wealth corner in every room of your house, not just the wealth corner. She says, “So if you’re needing a cash flow boost ASAP, be sure to add pops of purple and red throughout the house… and you’ll be going on that vacation in no time!”

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