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10 Amazing art galleries in New York City

Looking for new art to hang in your home? Check out the top galleries in New York City that feature extraordinary works of art and a few extras, as well.

1. Marlborough
The Marlborough features a wide range of artists and exhibitions with two locations. And with a mission to be a world-class advocate for all things art, including the artists, art projects, architecture, and urban and natural environments, there is something for everyone at this amazing gallery.

2. The Drawing Center
Often referred to as “one of the city’s most highly respected small art museums,” The Drawing Center has only drawings hung on its walls. Featuring historical drawings as well as newer, unknown artists, the SoHo gallery is rich in content and stimulating for the eyes.

3. Jason McCoy Gallery

Located in mid-Manhattan, the Jason McCoy Gallery features a wide array of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and more. Not only do they display amazing artwork, they sell it as well. Specializing in the sale of 20th century art forms, the gallery prides itself on ethical business practices.

4. Robert Miller Gallery

Started by American art dealer Robert Miller, the gallery with the same name is located near Chelsea Park in New York. Miller was inspired to open his own gallery in the late ’70s based on favorite artists he represented.

5. Gagosian

With a wide range of locations that includes five New York galleries and galleries in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beverly Hills and more, the Gagosian is an excellent place to visit. Featuring a wide range of exhibits and artists, the Gagosian also has a shop filled with various prints, publications and more.

6. Pace Gallery

Pace Gallery is another one with extraordinary locations, including New York, London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Menlo Park. It features well-known artists and breathtaking works of art. With impressive exhibitions and events, this is a top gallery to visit in the Big Apple.

7. Hauser & Wirth

An international gallery with a large footprint in New York, Hauser & Wirth is elegant and extremely striking. It features profound works of art — you are bound to be mesmerized by a visit to this gallery.

8. Gladstone Gallery

The Gladstone Gallery, which showcases notable artists and remarkable works of art, has two locations in New York and one in Belgium. Because it changes out exhibits often, it’s a good bet that you’ll see something you love during a visit to one of their amazing galleries.

9. Neue Galerie
Not only does the Neue Galerie display noteworthy works of art, the gallery is significant all on its own, with a museum, shops, exhibits and even a delicious cafe. Anybody would be silly not to add the Neue Galerie to their list of places to visit in NYC.

10. Art in General

Art in General is unique in the fact that it doesn’t display any of the famous artists of the past, but instead focuses on up-and-coming artists of the future. A nonprofit organization, Art in General features unique exhibits and hosts a national and international residency program, along with programs open to the public.

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