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The very best Star Wars Father’s Day cards

Star Wars Father’s Day cards are, quite simply, the best thing the internet has to offer. They are punny and nerdy and endlessly wonderful, and we’ve compiled 12 of the greatest for you right here just because we love you. May the force be with you. Happy Father’s Day. I am your father. Ooh, we’re so excited about these.

1. The Darth Vader

Star Wars Father's Day cards 1

Card: DarkroomandDearly via Etsy, $4

Hooray for scrolling text!

2. The Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Father's Day cards 2

Card via

Thank heavens someone captured this moment in cinema history and turned it into an e-card. Hurry and blow this print up for your living room, because this is gold, and what is your life without it?

3. The loving family

Star Wars Father's Day cards 3

Card: DarkroomandDearly via Etsy, $4

This is actually the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen.

4. The direct reference

Star Wars Father's Day cards 4

Card: StudioFusco via Etsy, $5

It’s classic and we’re OK with it.

5. The punny

Star Wars Father's Day cards 5

Card: DarkroomandDearly via Etsy, $4

Don’t be afraid to add “the galaxy” to the end of this one. Just own it, you know?

6. The brilliant

Star Wars Father's Day cards 6

Card via

I mean, look at Vader’s hand.

7. The Yoda

Star Wars Father's Day cards 7

Card: ArmyWifeArtist via Etsy, $4

Any time you replace “you’re the” with “Yoda” is a good time.

8. The Jango

Star Wars Father's Day cards 7

Card: StudioFusco via Etsy, $4

A subtle Jango Fett reference on the inside of this card wouldn’t go amiss.

9. The hipster

Card via Derek Eads

If you or your father live in Brooklyn, this is probably the Star Wars card for you.

10. The force

Card: buttonandprint via Etsy, $4

Bonus points for the correct font use on this one.

11. The Leia

Card: designcorner via Etsy, $5

We’re loving Leia’s earnest look on this card. Daddy’s little, fierce princess, indeed.

12. The dark side

Card via

It had to be said. It had to be done. Vader had to be wearing a Father’s Day tie at some point in this article.

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