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This designer squeezed 24 different pairs of sandals into one


Add 24 pairs of shoes to your collection without adding a whole new closet. It’s simple with the new line of Cambiami sandals.

Now you can wear a different pair of sandals for practically the entire month, thanks to the latest style innovation inspired by one designer’s overstuffed suitcase during one trip to Greece.

“As a frequent traveler, shoes were always the first to fill and weigh down my suitcase,” Diane Licht said. “I wanted to find a better way for women to quickly and affordably change their look without compromising their style.”

This designer squeezed 24 different pairs of sandals into one

Cambiami — pronounced CAHM-BE-AH-ME, or Cambis for short — are essentially a base sandal that allows you to strap 24 different “uppers” made with a variety of colors, fabrics and patterns to create a new look. Switching them out is pretty simple, too: You line up the straps with the sole, insert through the toe loop and “snap” it into place. Finally, insert the straps through the side loops and buckle.

This designer squeezed 24 different pairs of sandals into one

The introductory “build your Cambi” package retails for $85 at and comes with a base and two uppers of your choice. Extra uppers will run you $25 each. It’s not a bad haul for $85, though adding the extra uppers can take a bite out of your budget. And when you wear out the base? It’s an additional $40 to replace. The space saved in your closet for more stilettos and booties? Priceless.

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