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8 Things we wish Apple would have announced at the WWDC

Did you get your wish after Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference? Neither did a lot of people, and we’ve got the scoop on how Apple can curb the fangirls’ appetites.

Apple started its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference on Monday, and as usual, it didn’t disappoint the developers. They drooled over announcements like the completely revamped Mac UI, vastly improved search with Siri and Spotlight, over 4,000 new APIs, the new Instant Hotspot and no more of those pesky (the horror!) “green bubble friends.”

Apple also announced a variety of features, including Family Share so your whole clan can share apps, movies and music with one purchase, integrated Shazam music recognition, Touch ID for third-party apps, smarter keyboards with third-party support so you can have one that works exactly the way you want it to, and features for lightning-fast gaming.

But what about what Apple didn’t announce? While it was a conference focused on developers, a lot of people were hoping for some additional announcements that would excite us mere mortals.

1. Apple TV becomes a console

Introduced in 2006, the Apple TV has revolutionized the way we watch TV. While many think of it as just “the Netflix box,” others are jonesing for it to become the link that lets you play your fave iPhone games on your TV.

Apple didn’t make that announcement today, but fear not, dear readers… those in the know think it may be coming anyway.

2. iWatch

This smart-watch fitness band has been grinding through the internet rumor mill since Apple trademarked the name. Clearly, people weren’t too happy about the lack of announcement.

The silly thing about a story like this is that Apple’s failure to announce it at a developers’ conference doesn’t mean it ain’t comin’. After all, the technology powerhouse did ink a deal with GT Advanced that increased its sapphire production, which many think may have to do with the iWatch, and Apple did release the HealthKit framework. Also, how big a boon is a fitness watch going to be in a country plagued with obesity anyway?

3. HD 4K TV with integrated Apple TV and devices

A lot of people are convinced Apple needs to have a branded TV and disappointed it didn’t happen.

Reality check, guys. TVs have a replacement cycle of five to 10 years. Why integrate a $100 gadget you plan to upgrade as frequently as every eight years into it? You’re just guaranteeing people constantly suffering from upgrade remorse when a nifty new one is released just after they spent $3,000-plus. We get mad enough about dropping $500 on a phone when that happens.

4. Bigger iPhone

Those of us who qualify for an upgrade were holding out for an iPhone 6 announcement that never came.

Hopefully, Apple is aware that those of us with tiny hands aren’t all in on it getting any bigger than it actually is. Maybe Apple could just implement a phone app for the iPad mini that will allow you Shaq-like sasquatches to have the comically oversized phone of you dreams.

5. Split-screen iPad support

One rumor making the rounds was that Apple would implement a split-screen approach for iPad, allowing you to have, say, a video open on one side with the ability to keep a watchful eye on your email on the other.

Two words, guys: push notifications.

6. Apple-branded home automation hardware

It really would be nice to know your hardware was made with the same care your laptop is, but it seems Apple only plans to offer the HomeKit platform for third-party developers. That said, if someone can develop an app that replaces the garage door opener I lost seven years ago, I’m not going to complain.

7. Mobile payments using iBeacon technology

Apple’s iBeacon app lets you locate another user within a few inches of his or her actual location, alerts you to happy hour deals and even tells you where the shortest lines are. A lot of people were hoping for a supermarket-friendly version that would not only push you coupons, but let you pay with your phone. No such luck, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen sometime this week.

8. Beats replacing iTunes Connect

As awesome as iTunes Connect is, I’m not sure why people really wanted this, but you have to admit, having Dr. Dre on Apple’s board of directors would’ve been pretty sweet. That said, if you’re Apple senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi, it must feel pretty good knowing Dr. Dre takes your phone calls.

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