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Spruce up your space with these head-turning wall decals

No matter your age, one of the most gratifying things about having your own place is plastering those walls any which way you want. We’re currently loving decals that add interest and humor. Bonus? They’re renter-friendly, too.

 Spruce up your walls with these head-turning wall decals

1. The force is strong with this one

The force is strong with this one

Embrace your inner (or outer, we’re all friends here) sci-fi nerd with a Star Wars wall decal that honors two iconic cultural symbols — the “keep calm and carry on” mantra, and Yoda. Do or do not, my friend. There is no try (Etsy, $31).

2. Talk about a handout

Talk about a hand out

The brilliance of this Amadou (Two Hands) wall grate graphic lies in its sheer creepiness and the potential it has to scare the holy living h*** out of anyone who pops by for a visit. But, you know, if terrifying your friends and family isn’t enough incentive, consider this: 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this decal are donated to Amnesty International (Blik, $32).

3. Unicorn unique

Unicorn unique

This website has a series of taxidermy-inspired wall decals, but we loved this unicorn decal for its strangeness and also because we always wanted a unicorn as a kid (, $54).

4. Tons of fun

 Tons of fun

Based on a Threadless t-shirt design by Dina Prasetyawan, this “Citysaurs” decal is huge (as in Jurassic-sized) when it comes to coolness, making it perfect for any dino-loving city-dweller. Plus, it just proves what you’ve known all along — that having impeccable taste like yours never goes extinct (Blik, $55).

5. Keep dreaming, boys

Keep dreaming, boys

Ever get tired of being mistaken in your own home for being a short-order cook? Or room service? Set the record straight with this politely pointed wall decal perfect for your family’s breakfast nook (Amazon, $14).

6. Cause we’ve all had those days

Cause we've all had those days

This clever decal captures what it feels like sometimes to be a work-from-home writer who sometimes goes entire days without being exposed to sunlight… uh, hypothetically (Blik, $38).

7. You know how we do

You know how we do

We’re not saying you need a reminder of your awesomeness every morning but, hey, it sure doesn’t hurt either. We recommend slappin’ this lyrical decal on the wall where you get dressed for work to make you feel like the bada** you are when you’re headed out to chase that paper (Blik, $18).

8. In vino veritas

In vino veritas

You know what your cucina needs? A shot of truth. Or, in the case of this spot-on decal, a bottle of it. There’s so much truth, in fact, to these wine-loving words that it almost makes us question our love of imbibing a good Cabernet… almost (Etsy, $24).

9. For the love of traffic

For the love of traffic

In case you don’t hit enough of these babies on your way to work every morning, you can now have all the pleasure of red, yellow and green traffic lights hanging above your couch (, $42).

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