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11 Great storage ideas for the wasted space beneath your stairs

That wasted space underneath your stairs is the perfect place for additional storage. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go with a boring closet that has no home decor appeal. We’re here to inspire your under-the-stairs ideas with these functional yet impressively designed storage solutions.

1. Storage with a whimsical view

Storage with a whimsical view

Photo credit: Krause Construction, Denver, Colorado

Krause Construction, located in Denver, Colorado, can transform your under-the-staircase space into a playhouse for the kids (and their many toys) or simply give a whimsically unique look to the storage closet wall.

2. Under-the-stairs slide-out pantry

Under the stairs slide-out pantry

Photo credit: Scot Gordon Photography

HINGE Cabinetry and Furniture in Richmond, Virginia, wants you to have the kitchen of your dreams. If your staircase ascends from the culinary and entertaining heart of your home, transform the wasted space under the stairs into a pantry with slide-out shelving.

3. Give your basement style

Give your basement style

Photo credit: Building Vision

With the mission to give value and charm to the tired or underutilized areas in a home, Building Vision in Evanston, Illinois, finds creative ways to update every room. Check out how the wasted space under your basement stairs can be turned into niche storage as well as a small space for a counter and fridge to make the basement a fun and functional family room.

4. Extra storage in the entry

Extra storage in the entry

Photo credit: Anne Gummerson Architectural Photography

By installing open shelving under the stairs, Brennan + Company Architects, located in Ellicott, Maryland, turns this entry into clean, eye-catching space that provides storage and a decorative focal point for wicker baskets and other home accessories.

5. Storage you can pull on

Storage you can pull on

Photo credit: Red House Remodeling

Instead of a small storage closet with a door, Iowa-based Red House Remodeling turned this wasted space into an angled niche to serve as a shelf for decor above rows of stylish wood-faced drawers, used to store items that need to be tucked away and not on display.

6. Showcase your treasures

Showcase your treasures

Photo credit: Joe Fletcher

Why keep your family’s favorite treasures in a closet when you can put them on display with a built-in step chest under the stairs? Going beyond a simple storage solution, Ogawa Fisher Architects, located in Palo Alto, California, designed this under-the-stairs space to serve as a decorative focal point.

7. Wet bar, anyone?

Wet bar, anyone?

Photo credit: Julie Williams Design

With the mission to maximize fun and functionality for this under-the-stairs space, Julie Williams Design, in Novato, California, put in a wet bar, complete with a wine cooler and sink.

8. A kid-friendly reading nook

A kid-friendly reading nook

Photo credit: David Nosella Interior Design

Your kids are more likely to read if their books are easily accessible and, most important, they can stay close to you. Check out how California interior designer David Nosella turned the space under these stairs into a kid-friendly bookcase that will keep the kiddos inspired to read.

9. For the book lover

For the book lover

Photo credit: Gross & Daley Photography

When you have more books than a small library, New York-based Glenn Gissler Design can help you utilize the space under your stairs as a book nook. If you have the room, furnish it with a reading lamp and bench or your favorite reading chair.

10. When you have a winding staircase

When you have a winding staircase

Photo credit: Roger Wade Studio

Tate Interiors, located in Whitefish, Montana, knows that a winding staircase usually leaves an expansive area underneath that can be used for far more than storage. A dining nook, built-in bookcases and big windows are just a few of the many ways they use the space.

11. For the great outdoors

For the great outdoors

Photo credit: Kene Sperry, Eye In The Sky Photography

FORMation Architecture, in Manhattan, Montana, renovated this 1960s home to give it a modern look and optimize its living space. Instead of a closed-in storage area, the architects turned the staircase on the exterior wall into a multifunctional open outdoor storage that can also serve as an alfresco entertaining area.

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