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Door knockers that will make you never want to ring a bell again

In The Taming of The Shrew, a door knocker may have saved Petruchio some confusion with his moronic man, Grumio. Shakespeare knew how to pan for laughs, though. Get your own laughs and make sure you hear your friends rapping at your door with one of these ultra-cool door knockers.

Simple shapes

 Stylish door knockers

Sometimes less is more. If you don’t want to go all out for your favorite team or hobby, you can still add some style and sophistication to your front door with a sleek rectangle (, $107) or modern square (Pottery Barn, $60). If you’re more of a dot fan, we think this simple circle is super cute (My Knobs, $107). Or you can represent your family by going the way of the monogram (Home Depot, $50). Totally classy with still a touch of personalization.

Animal magnetism

 Stylish door knockers

Whether you’re outdoorsy or just love a certain furry creature, there’s a door knocker for you. If you’re into woodland creatures, you’re especially lucky. Forget fake rabbits’ feet for luck, keep this hare on your door to ward off bad luck from crossing your threshold (Anthropologie, $40). Prefer the hoot of a wise old owl? This guy will keep watch over who’s scuffin’ up your welcome mat (Pottery Barn, $70). Or, if you want to show off your sly side, do so with this cunning knocker (Anthropologie, $24).

Are you more a fan of winged creatures? You can be a gollywopper goddess (Home Depot, $45). Or show love for your feathered friend, the woodpecker (Anthropologie, $40). Or scour Etsy for various nearly-one-of-a-kind knockers fashioned after other birds or butterflies.

 Stylish door knockers

Another animal-themed option: How about representing your favorite pet? Introduce visitors to your love for Princess Fluffy with this solid bronze cat door knocker (Home Depot $120). But be prepared for people to think you’re a crazy cat lady. Enjoy spending your mornings mucking stalls? There’s a new horse in your future (Brass Gallery, $108).

Perhaps you’re not so much into the woodsy creatures or household pets as you are wild animals? Show off your lion’s pride (or your true place in Gryffindor) with this lion’s head knocker (Harney Hardware, $45). Better yet, let strangers know just what kind of crazy household they’re entering by letting a monkey usher them in (Anthropologie, $40). Or, you know, embrace your spiritual side with the sacred elephant (Etsy, $70).

Proud heritage

 Stylish door knockers

Okay, okay. It’s impossible to find Pisa or Stonehenge in knocker form. Trust us. We tried for you. Our Irish readers will love this gorgeous and meaningful Claddagh (Harney Hardware, $36) or this good luck four leaf clover (Brass Gallery, $28). If you’re French (or a Saints fan) this Fleur De Lis is perfect for you (My Knobs, $93).

Hobbyist and super fan

 Stylish door knockers

If you haven’t figured it out yet, door knockers know no bounds. You can even use them to represent your hobbies and pastimes. If you’re still chasing that elusive hole-in-one, this golf club knocker is your game (Home Depot, $105). If you’re more of a tennis girl, there’s even a knocker for you (Brass Gallery, $110). Better yet, be the best daughter ever and surprise Dad with a fishing-themed knocker (Brass Gallery, $72). Your mother will cringe, but pops will love it.

 Stylish door knockers

Some families are more watchers than doers, and there are even knockers for them. With a little creativity and poetic license, your front door can show off your fanaticism for the Texas Longhorns (The Hardware Hut, $27), Indiana Colts (Brass Gallery, $50), Georgia Bulldogs (Door Knockers and Bells, $125) or Philadelphia Eagles (Brass Gallery, $53). Can most people tell the difference between gators and crocodiles? University of Florida fans should try to find out (Brass Gallery, $72).

Beachy paradise

 Stylish door knockers

Whether your beach house needs a new knocker or your Midwest home is in desperate need of a more summery feel, there is a door knocker for you. Home in New England? Only a crab (Home Depot, $125) or lobster knocker (Anthropologie, $40) will do. For something more “classy” try a seashell (Home Depot, $45) or use a pineapple, the Hawaiian symbol for “Welcome” (Home Depot, $45). Then, of course, there’s the classic palm tree motif (Home Depot, $115). Or, if your sailor hubby would prefer something a little more manly, what about an anchor (Anthropologie, $24)? They’re super trendy right now.

Flower power

Stylish door knockers

Prefer to keep things pretty or girly? No matter what your favorite flower, there’s probably a knocker to help you represent. If you’re from Virginia or North Carolina, you must show off your state flower, the dogwood (Brass Gallery, $110). If you’re an avid gardener, match your knocker with your bed full of roses or sunflowers (Brass Gallery, $130). Or show your love for spring with a tulip knocker (Door Knockers, $180).

So many choices, so few doors. Once you pick the right knocker for you, it’s time to throw a party and show it off to all your visitors.

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