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Hot guys and puppies, just because

Stop everything. We’ve found 11 of the hottest guys on the internet, and as a special bonus to you, they all love dogs. We will accept your thanks in the form of flowery praise.

Hot guy holding puppy

Photo credit: feedough/iStock/360/Getty Images

1. The end all, be all

You may recognize this man as Ian Harding, aka Ezra, from Pretty Little Liars. These are his actual pets. Obviously, he had to start the list. We also considered ending the list with Ian because where do we even go from here?

2. The follow-up

Garrett Hedlund and an adorable Bulldog. That’s where we go.

3. Model behavior

And thus begins our string of “models and the dogs they love.”

4. Model #2

Beautiful man #2 and his fluffiness of a dog keep the model streak going.

5. Model #3

We vote this man is Clark Kent in the next Superman adaptation, and we vote Clark suddenly has a huge interest in dogs, and these little canines make it into the film.

6. Model #4, in which we branch out

The bad boy and the sweet dog that tames his heart.

7. Model #5 and his baby

This puppy is just a baby and needs lots of warmth and attention, and this man knows that. We feel it instinctively.

8. DJ love

This is a puppy DJ. Oh, gosh, how do we handle ourselves?

9. Go fetch

These two.

10. Important shoes

The man and the dog are both beautiful, but what about those Nikes? Let’s not forget about those.

11. On a walk

And to send you off, we leave you with this gem. Just a man and his dog. Looking fly. Changing lives. Making dreams come true. You get it.

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