These dogs have a funny way of doing their business

We’re not going to try to sugarcoat what this is. We’ve collected a bunch of pictures of dogs that pee in weird ways and in weird places. They are incredibly entertaining and so incredibly out there. Enjoy.

1. The handstand
Go ahead and take a second look. That is, in fact, a dog walking on his two front paws. Efficiency is key.

2. The bullseye

A bathroom for the dog that can both read and aim. So really, a bathroom for every dog.

 3. The nonconformist

Ain’t no sign going to stop this rebel dog from living life how he wants. Ain’t no sign.

 4. The BFFs

Some dogs like to use trees to do their business. Other dogs like to use fellow dogs. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

 5. The frustrated

Not there, Otis! Not there! That is not the way to handle your pent-up feelings about your owner.

 6. The perfect aim

That dog managed to pee right in the mouth area. Yep. Fully in the mouth.

7. The line up

This picture feels like it was taken in some alternate reality where dogs drive cars and pay taxes and wait politely in line for their turn at the tree. We would like to see more of this reality.

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