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Hot guys with cats — two obsessions in one

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, it is your lucky day. Today we combine all of your loves, all of your hopes and dreams, all of your obsessions. Today we present 11 hot guys with cats, or as we like to say, 11 men in touch with their feline side. Meow.

1. Hans and Franz
It’s a cliché for a reason. The only thing better than one is two, and the only thing better than one hot guy with a cat is two hot guys with a cat.

2. Kit and kitty

Game of Thrones’ star, Kit Harington, has already stolen our hearts with his portrayal of Jon Snow. But isn’t it amazing? Even Kit looks better with a kitty.

3. Hipster hot

This guy makes us want to travel to Brooklyn and take up tattoo art. Together, we would live in a loft and care for our fluffy kitty while discovering the true meaning of life.

4. When a man loves a cat

Gilles Marini’s smile says he loves his cat, he loves life and maybe, if we’re very lucky, he might love us, too. It’s fine to dream, right?

5. The look of love

Ian Somerhalder isn’t shy about his love for felines. And we’re not shy about our love for him.

6. Matchy matchy

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Catsitting this dude for a week. Undoubtedly my #mcm.

A post shared by Andrew Marttila (@iamthecatphotographer) on

Oh my! This cat and this man match. They are like cat/man versions of the same person. Oh, oh my!

7. Baby blues
If the eyes are the window to the soul… wait, what were we saying?

8. Casual glamour
Two cats, one flawless outfit and a hairstyle to top all hairstyles. More, please.

9. Over it

This cat looks like it’s being forced to pose, but we really cannot understand why. Doesn’t the cat see who is holding it?

10. The rugged life
It feels like these two live in the mountains together, survive off of natural foods and dance in the woods with dirt between their toes. What a pair. We want in.

11. You win, James
Leave it to James Franco to put all others to shame. While a tiger isn’t necessary, it sure doesn’t hurt.

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