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Puppies vs. kittens: Who will win the cute contest?

It’s paws vs. claws in a battle for cuteness where the winner takes all and the loser… well, there are no losers when the contestants are equally adorable. You be the judge as these unlikely animal friends tumble, lick and wag their way into your heart.

Puppy and kitten playing

Photo credit: Image Source/Getty Images

The right moves

This puppy relies on full speed and head-on tactics. When the pup least expects it, its feline opponent takes a stealth approach with a sneak attack to win the title.

Sleeper hold

In a riveting battle for comfort, this kitten resorts to the “killing with kindness” method to earn a coveted spot on the dog bed.

Team effort

Two are better than one. When in doubt, call in the reinforcements.

Safety in numbers

Feline note to self: When puppies attack, surrender to the cuteness.

All’s fair in love and war

Why don’t we just kiss, make up and take a well-deserved nap?

David and Goliath

When it comes to food, there are no boundaries. This kitty thinks it’s Goliath and will stop at nothing for a treat.

Patience is a virtue

This patient kitty has its priorities set on feeding time, but its adorable puppy friend will not be ignored. Keeping eyes on the prize is nearly impossible with this canine cutie.

A case of mistaken identity?

This prairie dog thinks it’s a canine. In true cat vs. dog fashion, it’s testing the cat’s patience. A little friendly bickering is what sibling love is all about.

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