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8 Fashionable accessories that spark social change


Between sweat shops and blood diamonds, the fashion and beauty industries are notorious for social injustice. Buck the trend by purchasing these beautiful, socially-conscious fashion pieces that support good causes around the world.

1. Glass jewelry to halt domestic violence

Glass jewelry to halt domestic violence

Fifteen Kenyan women, each of which survived rape and sexual assault, originally founded the Umoja Village as a safe haven from domestic violence. The village and its women’s and children’s services are now entirely supported by locally-produced wares, like this beautiful ceremonial glass-beaded necklace. (, $45)

2. Necklaces to promote rehabilitation

Necklaces to promote rehabilitation

Human trafficking is a $32 billion international illicit industry, and thankfully, concerned citizens and politicians are beginning to support its prevention. But what happens to women and children who have already escaped the industry? The Brave Collection — featuring bracelets and necklaces — provides sustainable artisan vocation training to Cambodian survivors, and 10 percent of sales directly fight future trafficking. (, $75)

3. Earrings to stop poverty

Earrings to stop poverty

Buy the Change is a U.S. company that curates sustainable and fair-trade fashion accessories, with the goal of lifting women from developing nations out of poverty. They feature a number of products, but we especially love these Tree of Life earrings because of the redemption they represent — artists formed the earrings from recycled bombshells. (, $40)

4. Pashminas to support war-torn women

Pashminas to support war-torn women

Bajalia supports international artists from war-torn countries, including the women artists of these beautiful pashminas from Afghanistan. All Bajalia products are fair-trade, and provide vocation to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity. (, $96)

5. Artwork for education

Artwork for education

Of course, fashion doesn’t stop at accessories. Shutter to Think is a non-profit that sells donated fashion, home and cultural photography from famous artists, and then siphons all proceeds to charities that educate girls around the world. You can even pick a charity of your choice. (, prices vary)

6. Pajamas to fight human trafficking

Pajamas to fight human trafficking

The International Princess Project provides vocational training to women who exit the sex trade by teaching them how to sew. Every pair of pajamas you purchase, like these cute capris, supports the education, housing and medical care for a human trafficking victim who is trying to make a new life for herself and her children. (, $39)

7. Jewels for people in need

Jewels for people in need

Check out Jewels for Hope for a variety of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that support causes right here in the U.S. Ten percent of the company’s profits return to a charity of your choice, like the American Cancer Society, the National MS Society and even Labs 4 Rescue. We especially like this spiky turquoise and gold number. (, $35)

8. Leather Tote for business development

Mamuye Leather Tote

Website fashionABLE works with women in Africa to start small business cooperatives and help them earn fair wages. Lucky for us, this good cause results in some really adorable accessories. Each of the products is named after the woman who crafted it. (, $178)

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