Proof that cats are just as amazing as humans

If you’re a cat owner, you probably already know how amazing your kitty is. And if you’re not, you’re most likely a bit skeptical of how intelligent the feline really is. Well, here’s a bit of proof that the cat is equally as amazing as his human companion.

Smart cat using a water cooler

Photo credit: rollover/iStock/360/Getty Images

They play Jenga like a boss

I’m pretty sure this kitty plays better than most humans.

They work their tails off

Now if only they could pay the rent.

They understand human communication mannerisms

Knock, knock who is there? The cat, who else?

They’re into extreme sports

Again, how many humans can hike a steep mountain such as this one? Hardly any.

They are the next best thing to a babysitter

You don’t need day care when you’ve got the kitty around.

They play the iPad better than we do

It takes most of us some time to get acquainted with new technology, but not cats. They get it down immediately.

They’ve got extreme concentration

If he could make a bet, this cat would be in the riches.

They can feed themselves

This cat isn’t afraid of a little adventure.

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