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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have the coolest dog

Only one female can get between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel — their dog Tina. An adorable pit bull, Tina lives the ultimate life and is easily the coolest dog ever, and here’s why.

She loves her sister as much as Justin and Jessica love each other

There’s nothing that comes close to two dogs that have love for one another.

She makes sunbathing look awesome

It’s not safe for humans, but it’s darn cool for Tina.

She looks super-good when going for a nature hike

Anybody else would be a hot, sweaty mess after a fitness hike, but not Tina.

She sits cooler than any other dog on the planet

Is Tina a contortionist? I’m thinking she is.

She buckles up like a good girl should

It’s always safety first for Tina.

She naps like a boss

I mean really, can you nap like this?

She’s as strong as a man, but as graceful as a lady

We’ve seen Tina go on runs, hikes and more with her mom. But when she’s at home, she’s all about being a lady.

She gets down with nature

Tina is not afraid of a little dip in some pond water.

She drinks from only the best

You thought Voss was cool? Tina drinks water from only the fanciest of pools.

She’s the ultimate guard dog

Sure, Tina is smiling, but she’s got her guard on to protect her famous parents.

She’s not afraid to bare all

There are no secrets about Tina. What you see is what you get.

Those eyes get to look at two of the hottest people in Hollywood: Justin and Jessica

If only those eyes could talk. We’d love to know what Tina gets a glimpse of every single day (hint: Justin Timberlake in his Sunday best).

And that body gets to be the lapdog of one gorgeous lady

Talk about jealous. Tina gets to be up close and personal with the one and only Jessica Biel.

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