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10 Reasons why English Bulldog puppies are the cutest things ever

Before you scroll any further, brace yourself for the most-adorable images to ever grace your computer screen. These English Bulldog puppies are about to tell you exactly why they are the cutest things to ever walk planet Earth.

1. Because they are the true-blue definition of a roly poly

Sure, you could probably help him out… but why? He looks too adorable rolling back and forth.

2. Because they are super-cute even when attacking something

Get it, puppy, get it! Let her at whatever it is she wants — she’s too cute to stop.

3. Because of their adorable wrinkly bodies, faces, legs and paws

bulldog puppy

“Oh, stop it!” No, we can’t, you’re too irresistible.

4. Because they’ve got the puppy-dog eye thing down to a science

We can just hear this little guy squealing, “Mommy, I love you. Do you love me too?” Duh! Have you seen your cute face?

5. Because watching them walk for the first time melts your heart as much as it would watching your own child do the same

It’s absolutely amazing the first time our human babies walk, but baby Bullies? Prepare yourself for heart-stopping cuteness.

6. Because sleeping, dreaming baby bullies are probably the cutest things you’re going to witness… ever.

Forget about your to-do list. Watching baby Bulldogs sleeping just became your number-one priority.

7. Because they grow up to be pretty awesome parents

Of course the puppy is adorable, but do you see his mom? She loves her baby, and we love her because of it.

8. Because they’re not scared of anything, anyone or any dog

This puppy has absolutely no fear and no clue how small he really is compared to his very large parent.

9. Because even they believe in hitting the snooze button

If you have a job that requires you to be on time, then you may want to steer clear from English Bulldog puppies. They love to sleep and have no problem waking up just to go right back to dreamland.

10. Because even they can’t resist their cuteness

two bulldog puppies

We know that English Bulldog pups are quite possibly the cutest things to ever walk the planet, but we have a strong feeling that they couldn’t agree more.

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