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Our favorite back-to-school recipes

Stop filling those lunch boxes with pre-packaged foods and try these easy back-to-school recipes instead. Your kids will thank you.

Main dish

Skip the boring sandwiches and pack these fun foods instead. Your kids are more likely to eat what you pack when you mix it up a little, mama.

1. Chicken salad sandwich kabobs

They would probably turn their noses up at actual chicken salad, but these wholesome kabobs put all their favorites in a fun form.

2. BLT wrap

BLT wrap

Traditional BLTs don’t always travel well (hello, soggy bread) but this wrapped up version will keep perfectly until lunchtime. Cook the bacon the night before to save time and to save the meat from dripping grease all over the wrap.

3. Ham and cheese crescent roll-ups

Ham and cheese crescent rollups

Roll up all your kids’ favorite sandwich ingredients inside of a soft and delicious crescent roll. Make them the night before, and just pop them into the lunch boxes in the morning.

4. Peanut butter and jam scones

Peanut butter and jam scones

Peanut butter and jelly is a lunchtime staple, but it’ll get them a lot more excited when you serve it in scones.

5. Ham sandwich spirals

This is not your average ham sandwich wrap. The addition of avocado and a dash of Tabasco give this wrap a fun flavor that’s still kid-friendly.


Those kids can’t survive on just sandwich foods all day. Make sure to pack a nutritious side, as well.

6. Peanut butter pretzels

Peanut butter pretzels

Don’t just send them a baggie of pretzels. Stuff them with something yummy like peanut butter and make little pretzel sandwiches.

7. Homemade cheese crackers

Homemade goldfish crackers

Skip the store-bought crackers and make your own. They’re engaging and twice as good.

8. Cinnamon sugar baked apple pie crisps

Cinnamon sugar baked apple pie crisps

Forget the chips and pack a bag of these homemade apple chips that taste a lot like apple pie. Pack extras — your kids will want to share these.


Don’t skip dessert — they’ll never forgive you. It’s the most important part of the meal, right?

9. Homemade yogurt with delightful mix-ins

Homemade yogurt with healthy mix-ins

These tasty yogurt parfaits are a twist on a sweet dessert. Send them frozen, and they’ll be thawed but still cold by lunchtime.

10. Lunch box apple pie

Lunchbox apple pie

These little apple pies are perfect for packed lunches. They’re a little slice of heaven — no fork required.

11. No-bake carrot cake energy bits

 No-bake carrot cake energy bits

These little snacks taste a lot like carrot cake, but pack enough good stuff to keep your kid moving until that last bell rings.

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