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9 Hilarious gifts for Father’s Day that are way better than a tie

Forget the tie this year and buy something for your father that he’ll actually like. Not the most useful, these gifts are sure to make dad laugh.

For the dad with the man cave

Man cave sign

Every dad needs a list of rules for his man cave. Gift him a sign that lists the only two things he really cares about. (Nordstrom, $58)

For the dad who grills

Funny apron

Does your dad tell stories of his girl-chasing days? Make fun of his famous history and the reality of today with this hilarious, yet truthful, apron. (Etsy, $23)

For the dad who loves bacon

cast-iron bacon press

The true-blue bacon-lover will go hog wild over this cast-iron bacon press. Perfect for making BLTs or simply having around the house, you seriously cannot go wrong with this gift. (Petagadget, $13)

For the dad who likes to make you laugh

Funny tshirt for Father's Day

Silly dads will love having a shirt that is perfect for instant pranks. Looking like a plain ol’ T-shirt, this spectacular tee can be lifted up and over the face to display a fabulous looking T.rex. (Fab, $12)

For the dad of little ones

Dad guide to help keep the kiddos busy

Some dads may find it hard to get down and craft with their little babies and toddlers. Gift him a guide to help keep the kiddos busy whenever Mom is away with silly crafts and other activities. (Knock Knock Stuff, $9)

For the dad who likes to cuss like a sailor

bomb paperweight f

Does your dad use the F-bomb a lot? Remind him of his shortcomings with this hilarious bomb paperweight for his work desk. (Uncommon Goods, $45)

For the dad who can fix it all

silly travel tag

Dads that have a serious obsession with duct tape will laugh their bottoms off when they unwrap this silly travel tag. Adorned with a phrase he’s probably said thousands of times before, he’s sure to smile every time he pulls out his luggage. (Zazzle, $13)

For the dad who loves to lay down a beat

miniature set of finger drums

Dad loves banging on the drums but Mom won’t let him? Give them a solution they’ll both be happy about with this miniature set of finger drums. (Baron Bob, $20)

For the dad who takes long trips to the bathroom

Potty putter

Give your dad something to do while he’s taking his daily trip to the bathroom with the potty putter. Beware, because if your dad receives this gift, he may just be in the bathroom even longer than before. (, $20)

For the dad with a never-ending to-do list

Funny pillow for Father's Day

Make fun of your dad’s to-do list that is forever full with this funny little pillow. Perfect for the man cave or his favorite chair, maybe you’ll prompt him to actually finish something… creating a happy wife and a happy life for Dad. (Etsy, $32)

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