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It’s amazing how this dog helped a man with Alzheimer’s

Lisa Abeyta’s dad briefly regained speech while spending time with the family dog. Abeyta brilliantly captured the moment via video and posted it. YouTube fell in love with this man who has Alzheimer’s and the dog who’s loving him through it.

Taking care

Lisa Abeyta’s dad has Alzheimer’s and has all but stopped talking — except when he’s with her family dog, Roscoe. Abeyta was so touched watching her dad talk to Roscoe, she decided to seize the magic of technology and capture the moment via video. Later, with the help of her teenage son, she edited her footage into a 90-second tribute to her dad and a very happy and loyal Roscoe. When Abeyta’s dad says, “I’ll take (care of) you, and you take (care of) me,” my eyes started welling, and I bet yours will, too.
Abeyta didn’t realize how much her video would touch the hearts of others. To date, the video has been shared more than five million times. Abeyta says, “I had no idea the video would touch so many people or be shared so many times. The comments and emails — for the most part — have been a wonderfully moving procession of individuals sharing their own journey through Alzheimer’s or dementia. [This] reminded me [that] the internet is a fundamentally good place.”

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